Formal Gown Tips For Curvier Women

You can choose something amazing to complement your beautiful curves. Going with the right gown for a special event can help you make an impact and give you the tools you need to pull off a stunning look. 

Thinking because you are curvier, it will be harder to find a dress is completely wrong. This article will show you some winning ways you can choose something that suits you completely. 

There are plenty of plus size dress styles when you check out Prom Dress Shop in Chicago. Its common that shorter gowns look stunning on curvy girls and give that effortlessly chic style. 

Tips For Your Dress Search 

➢ Choose a gown with thick straps 

The thicker the straps, the better the support. A dress with thicker straps can really look elegant whilst saving you from the dreaded strapless bra option. If you are going with something strapless however, you should buy a moldedstrapless bra. Look for ones with a little extra grip on the insides so they stay up throughout the dancing. 

➢ Go for the right fitted gown 
A fitted gown that comes in at your waistline will allow you to sport your stunning figure and give you extra definition on the sides.

➢ Look for naturally heavy fabrics 
Gowns that have a natural heaviness to them such as silk and cottons will really help show off your curves in the best way. They will hug them without looking clingy. 

➢ Short dresses are a winner! 
As we mentioned earlier, short dresses are on trend and look amazing on curvaceous figures. This should especially be the case if you are going with something more covered at the top half. Doing so gives you a little more room to show off your legs at the bottom half. If you want to choose a staple style, the Prom Dress Shop has several designer dresses at a good price.

➢ Think about getting a tailor 

Having your gown tailored will be the icing on the cake. You will not only feel ten times more comfortable but you will look absolutely stunning with the perfect fit. A tailor helps bring in those elements that didnt quite fit before. For an event as big as prom, you want to go the extra mile to make sure your dress is the best it can be. Your tailor works with your exact measurements to do just that.  

➢ Go for a maxi 
Maxi dresses can accentuate your elegance and give you a light, flowy feel. 

➢ Choose low ankle straps 
If you are debating which shoes to wear, ankle straps could be the one. This style grips on comfortably to your feet due to the lower strap and gives your legs an even more flattering shape.

Doing the above can help you pick the winning dress if you have a curvy body shape.