Buying A Large Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, you should look to save money where you can, which can allow you to purchase a bigger diamond for your ring. You can see some excellent advice on several online resources on how to save some money when buying an engagement ring that you can use for your search. You have two options available to you, and these are that you can purchase a mass produced off-the-shelf ring, or go for a bespoke design and make sure that it is unique.

Choosing A Mass Produced Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to mass produced engagement rings, there is plenty of choices available in a range of different styles and with something to suit all budgets. You will need to work out your budget before you start shopping and having this before you shop will soon let you know just how much of a ring you can get for your money. You can purchase diamond engagement rings in NZ only at that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, so you will be assured of finding something which suits your style and budget.

Creating A Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

One way to assure that you get something that is unique and stretches your money as far as it can go is to create a bespoke engagement ring and source the materials yourself. When you do this, you can control how big the diamonds are on your ring and ensure that you get exactly what your heart is set on. You can choose a slightly less bright diamond and spend the money you save on getting a larger stone to create more bling for your ring!

Know What You Are Buying

Whether you decide to choose from what is on offer in your local jewellery store or design a bespoke engagement ring, it is important that you know what you are buying before you commit to purchasing. You will want to do your homework and learn all about the 4 C’s which refer to;

·         Cut

·         Clarity

·         Colour

·         Carat

When you know where the value lies in a diamond, you can use this to your advantage to make sure that you can get a bigger stone at the best possible price. There is a lot of free information available on the internet which you can use to read up on, and an excellent place to start to learn about the 4Cs is the Gemological Institute of America website.

Shop Around For The Best Price

It is also important that you shop around and get quotes from as many different jewellers as you can, no matter if creating a custom ring or not. The prices can differ quite drastically between the various jewellery stores for the same or similar products, so you will need to find a jeweller that not only has an excellent variety of stock available but also find one that you trust and is reputable. Take your time and shop around when buying a diamond engagement ring.

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