Book Review - When Dimple Met Rishi

When Dimple met Rishi* by Sandhya Menon
"Meet Dimple.
Her main aim in life is to escape her traditional parents, get to university and begin her plan for tech world domination.
Meet Rishi.
He's rich, good-looking and a hopeless romantic. His parents think Dimple is the perfect match for him, but she's got other plans...
Dimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out. But when opposites clash, love works even harder to prove itself in the most unexpected ways."

I think along with most of the book world I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw the cover.  It's probably the best cover I have seen in years, it's just beautiful. So I was excited to finally read the book and see if it lived up to all the expectations of the cover.

I really enjoyed this story.  It was fun and light and a romcom.  In life, romcom's are my 'thing' and this was a really sweet modern day version. 

Set against the tech world in San Fransisco, the book tells the story of two Indian Americans who are set up by their parents with the hope of arranging their marriage.  Sounds simple enough but it gets a bit more complicated when you learn that only one of the characters are in on the plan that their parents have hatched and the other gets completely blindsided by her possible impending husband to be.

After the initial confusion the book takes us on a journey with the two main characters, Dimple and Rishi, who at 18 are still trying to figure out their place in the world with the added weight of trying to define what their Indian culture means to them.

I liked that we got to really know both characters by reading their different points of view.  I also loved that we got a really rounded modern  interpretation of what its like to be young and an Indian American, obviously everyone's different and irrelevant of cultural backgrounds no two people will be the same but I loved that we got to see a different side of their culture.

Life can be tricky to navigate when you don't have a path laid out in front of you but in this story we learn that sometimes having a path laid down and ready for you to walk along doesn't exactly make it easier either.  This coming of age story tells us to expect the unexpected and that life is better when its full of surprises.

If your looking for a bit of a different take on the boy meets girl story then this is the one for you.

You can buy it here on Amazon and it is also on sale for 99p right now too!

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