The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke Book Review

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natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

The Nature of Beauty* By Imelda Burke
"This honest, expert book will teach you how to recognise what your skin needs and how to buy the best products for you. It offers both time-honoured and modern techniques, tips and guidance for all ages, and showcases the powerful natural ingredients and brands that all beauty lovers should know about."

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this book with you all.  When I first started looking into natural and green beauty a few years ago, the one shop that kept popping up online that seemed to sell everything to do with natural products was Content Beauty and the store founder Imelda has now written a book all about the knowledge she has learned from owning the UK's best natural beauty and skincare store.

If you are new to my blog, I am a plant based eater (you can read all about my story HERE) and through my research into changing my diet, it lead me into questioning my beauty and skincare products and I am now actively changing over to non-toxic, green natural beauty (You can read my post all about why I decided that HERE) It's a slow process and I'm definitely only at the beginning but its such an exciting journey for me.

Even though I've been researching and trying to learn about natural beauty for a few years it's only over the course of the last year or so that I've been able to start making the change.  As I've been making and buying more natural products I felt like there was still so much I wanted to educate myself on in this sector of beauty so I started reading as much as possible about the subject.  After reading a ton of books I can safely say that this one is on another level and why I really wanted to share it with you all.

First of, Imelda knows her stuff.  She pioneered green beauty in the UK and was doing it on the scale she was before anyone else.  The book is packed, like jam packed full of information.  It's not a photography book with just a few lines of text, its a real word heavy book with a few, but not many black and white pictures doted around the book.

Imelda goes deep into skin and skincare and beauty products and the beauty industry on a whole. She explains really unbiasedly a lot of what chemicals are in traditional products and why.  She doesn't try and tell you one way is bad and another is good, she just lays out the facts and lets you decide for yourself.  She also tells you in depth about what natural products will help your skin the most.  She gives you amazing information about every skin type and even gives you a list of products that she recommends to buy.

I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed reading in depth about our bodies, chemicals and the like but Imelda writes with such ease and passion that its like talking to a friend reading this book.  She breaks down really, pretty complicated stuff in to a super precise easy and relatable manner.

I learned so many things reading this book.  I read it from cover to cover over the course of a few days but already I've went back and re read a couple of things when I was looking for certain ingredients in a product, so I know it will be a manual in my life.

Changing over to green beauty can feel like a massive hurdle and one that you feel like you might not get over. One of the main reasons for this I believe, is traditional beauty and skincare companies make it hella hard and confusing for consumers.  Whilst 'concealing' pretty awful things in their products by putting them in the middle of an ingredient list of 50 that they know most average consumers will not read and only see the 'all natural' label in their glossy TV adverts, they make the switch seem undo-able at times and you just don't know which way to turn.

But honestly I can't tell you how much more simple the transition has been for me since having this book by my side, I honestly feel so thankful that Imelda has shared all her knowledge and education of the subject so that we can know what we are really putting on our skin and in our bodies.

I have been a regular customer of Content Beauty's online store (I wish so much she had a store in Scotland as I would just love to visit it) since I found it last year and I am now an even bigger fan of its founder after reading this book.  If you are interested or considering the change to a toxic chemical free beauty and skincare routine then I really do think this book will be the best thing you could buy, I love it so much.

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