The Reebok Classic Sweatshirt


Really feeling like the 90's kid that I am in this outfit.  I have been wanting a vintage-esq, old style Reebok Classics sweater for so long and I was so excited when ASOS had it in their sale this week.

I just paired it with my mom jeans for a super laid-back look and I honestly think this is my favourite buy in such a long time.  I just love the nineties throwback vibe.

My size was sold old on ASOS but you know when you just really, really want something. Like when you were wee and you really wanted a certain pair of shoes and even though your mama could see your feet basically falling out of them you were all 'no, seriously they fit 'so' well, so comfy' haha!

Well, I basically did the same thing with this but it worked out well.  The only size that was left was a 20 but I just wanted the sweater so bad, so I just tried it and even though its so much bigger than my normal size and I actually ended up loving  the over-sized fit so much better.  If you want a fit like this too I would recommend sizing up.

For reference if you have any of the over-sized Missguided sweatshirts that I've featured on my blog before (like this one) then its basically the same size as the Large in them.

So happy with my bargain.  Did you pick up anything in the ASOS sale?

Reebok Sweater - ASOS
Mom Jeans - Missguided

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Freddie Ashley said...

I hope you thrifted this sweatshirt cause according to reviews on it costs a fortune!

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