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So at the start of the week I shared with you one of my most used natural products and today I thought I would share another one, and that is....Toothpaste.

I had always used Aquafresh toothpaste most of my life and never thought anything of it, I always went through times though where my skin on my lips and at the side of them would get really badly broken and sore, the nearest thing I can describe it to feeling like was a chemical burn.  When this would happen it would take weeks and weeks to heal, not only did it look awful but it was so painful.  So after getting fed up with this always happening I decided to change brands and I tried Colgate, I had to try quite a few versions of their toothpaste to find one that wasn't even worse but after a while I found one that I thought was ok only to have my face become cracked and sore again with it a few months later.

So when I was starting to research natural beauty and skincare I came across some articles about toothpaste and my wee mind was blown.  I had no idea all of the things that were put in toothpaste and I instantly knew the exact ingredients in it that were causing my mouth burns.  I knew I had to try and find a natural one asap.

Aside from what the toothpaste is doing topically to our skin, there are some other factors about toothpaste that I learned along the way.  Even though we are not actively swallowing our toothpaste (although we do accidentally ingest some with brushing), our mouth absorbs the toothpaste into our bloodstream at an extremely rapid rate.
So the ingredients that the traditional toothpastes are filled with are hitting our system for most people at least twice a day and sometimes even more depending on how many times you brush.

Some of the ingredients in 'traditional' toothpaste  have been linked to some really terrible diseases and illnesses, although we as consumers are told there has been no 'proven' links.  I'll leave these two articles here for you to have a read and make up your own mind, they are HERE and HERE
For me, its definitely a case of why chance it and I am officially done with traditional non natural toothpaste

So the toothpaste that I now use and have been absolutely loving is from the brand Kingfisher and its also fluoride free.  This brand use all naturally derived ingredients and I can honestly say I have never felt my teeth have been cleaner.  They are also approved by the British Dental Health Foundation, meaning it works just as well as all the chemical laden toothpastes at keeping your teeth and gums healthy.  I have never had any kind of burn on my face, lips or mouth with this toothpaste so far, so I'm completely sold on it!

You can buy Kingfisher from a lot of places, but HERE is where I buy mine.  You can also get it in Holland & Barrett and you can have a look at their website HERE to find out more about the brand and the ingredients they use.


HazelxJoy said...

I was thinking about toothpaste yesterday, so this is very timely indeed. I'm sure I saw a powdered version somewhere that was meant to be very good. I've never experience any adverse reaction and I had no idea that they contained nasties - although I'm not surprised to find that they do. I'll check out the Kingfisher one, thanks!