Book Review - Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous

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Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous*
"So you've got an Instagram account, you're posting pictures, but your follower count has flatlined. Read This If You Want to Be Instagram Famous holds the answers to fixing up your feed and finding thousands of new followers. Packed with the essential secrets of the hottest Instagrammers around, the book features tips covering photographic techniques, captioning, codes of conduct, kit and managing your account. Put the advice into practice and soon you too will be hailed as an Instagram icon."

I have been all about Instagram lately.  I'm enjoying using it so much and I just find it endlessly inspiring, so when I got this book through the post I was super excited to dive in and see what it was all about.

The book is a collection of tips and helpful hints from big stars on the 'gram.  There are so many familiar faces and some who I hadn't heard of but now follow after seeing them in the book as I loved the look of their feeds. 

Each piece of advice is accompanied with some information about the instagrammer and some pictures from their insta account.  The photography is really pretty and I love the whole outlay of the book too.

I really do love fun books like this, I always enjoy reading them and I came away with a couple of good new ideas for my own instagram too which was a bonus.

This really isn't like Aimee Songs book though, its more of a small, cute and compact quick read.  Whereas Aimee's is for someone who wants to get really series about instagram.

A really fun read with some insightful information and you might even find some new favourites to follow on the 'gram.

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