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So after my posts on why I now eat a Plant Based diet (Read it HERE) and the books that helped teach me about my health and food (Read that post HERE) I thought it was about time that I share with you guys where I get some of my recipes and meal ideas from.

So today I'm going to tell you about a few of my favourite recipe books, here we go....

1.  Deliciously Ella Book one, Two and Three - I thought I would just review all three of Ella's books together as I thought it might be easier.  I was a fan of Ella's blog for a long time, she was someone who I came across on one of my Google marathons back in the day when I was trying to solve all my health problems.  Her condition was different to mine but the similarities in what she was trying to do and what I was trying to do, heal our bodies naturally gave me the boost that I needed to keep trying.  I'm a really big fan of her books.  I find the recipe's so simple, with only a handful of ingredients and super easy to follow.  I love the layout of her books and the pictures of the food are always so beautiful too. 
I would encourage everyone who is starting out eating plant based to buy her 1st book as it really gives you a lot of insight into her background and it gives you a ton of information about the basics of plant based eating and how to cook simple things that you will eat often. 
Her second book is probably my overall favourite though as I just love so many of the meals in it and they have become my weekly staples.  I just got her third book a few days ago and again I'm super impressed by it.  I love that it has a really great mix of meals and I love that she has a lot of side dishes in this one too. 
One thing to point out is because I really can't eat and digest too many herbs and spices and things like onions and garlic, Ella's books have been amazing for this especially her first as she really doesn't overload things like that in her recipes and when she does use some, the meals still taste amazing without them in them. So if your similar to me in that sense then I would definitely give her books a go.  I am such a massive fan of Ella and all her work and really do think her books are the best out there at the minute.
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2.  The Oh She Glows Cookbook - I had been using recipes from the Oh She Glows blog for a while when I decided to make the plunge and go for her cookbook too.  This is a really lovely big book with a wide range of plant based dishes in it.  Most of the recipes I use from here I have had to adapt them to my preferences and take out a lot of ingredients as most recipes use a lot of spices.  I would also say that for you to really get the most out of this book you will need to have a food processor as I really wasn't able to make most of the meals until I got one.  This is probably for the more advanced plant based eater but I would definitely check it out especially if your a fan of the Oh She Glows blog.
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3.  Livia's Kitchen- Again I first came across Livia's blog and then her YouTube channel when I was trying to find really quick and easy snacks to make.  Her books are filled with  mainly snacks and deserts with a couple of other recipes thrown in the mix.  Her book, just like Ella's is really beautifully made, with really clear instructions and pictures too.  This really does have every kind of plant based desert you could think of.  It's perfect if you want to make snacks for just yourself or even if your wanting to make something big like a birthday or party cake.  I really recommend this as every recipe I've tried from it has been really, really good!
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I hope this post has given you some inspiration on where to find some more food ideas.  I think I might do a post soon on my favourite recipe blogs if that would be helpful for you guys too?

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