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A few weeks ago me and my sister were talking about the whole 'Self-love/Self-care movement that is happening.  I was saying how I love the idea behind it but the name is so bad and alienating to a lot of people I think, it makes it feel like a Gwyneth Paltrow trend rather than just really great and helpful ways to live your life.  But aside from the dodgy name I thought today I would join the bandwagon and thrown in a post with some of my favourite Self-care tips.  These are just some simple things that will help you take care of yourself both physically and mentally.  Here are some things that I live my life by....

1.  Help Yourself - I think so many people spend their life always putting themselves second, third or even 100th in life.  I get it and I understand it.  We've all been there, if you have someone  who you look after, if you have children or you just really want to help other people because you feel you can. These are all such amazing things and definitely the reason why the world is a better place because  so many people are willing to put someone else's needs in front of their own. But here's the thing, to take care of other people you've got to also remember to take care of yourself. 
On a plane, what's the first thing they tell you to do when the oxygen masks come down in an emergency? Put yours on before you help anyone else even your child. Because in basic terms, you've got to save your own life to be able to save someone else's.  So you've got to take time to look after yourself or you won't be able to help those people who need you or who you want to care for.  When you feel pushed to your limit or overwhelmed, your body is telling you to take a break, even if its just sitting for 5mins to have a cup of tea.

2.  Meditate - I can't recommend meditating enough to you.  It's a life changer...seriously.  You can read my post about Meditation HERE .

3.  Treat Yourself - This could be in anyway you want.  Yeah, it would be lovely to be able to buy yourself that new pair of shoes you've been lusting after and if you've got the spare cash, do it. But for most of us treating yourself would be painting your nails, doing a facemask and allowing yourself to take the night in and binge on that new Netflix show you've had your eye on. No guilt is allowed, don't tell yourself you should be doing something more productive with your time. You deserve this.

4.  Be In The Now- Aside from meditation this is the other biggest thing for me in this list.  This small change in your mindset will really make your world feel so different.  Consciously try to bring yourself into the moment.  If your doing one thing and thinking about  something else that your going to do an hour later or even a month later, stop! That time is not here yet, its not yours to plan for and use it up before you've got it. But what you do have is this exact moment, second and minute.  Live in it and be aware of it because if you don't you will miss 'now' because you were planning for 'then'.

5.  You Can't Be Everyone's Best Friend -  It's ok if some  people don't get you or you don't get them, as long as no one is being unkind about it.  Wish them well and move on with your life not giving it another thought.  Don't stress about all the reasons why they didn't want to be your bff , they just didn't, end of story.  It's not your reason to have, will it make you feel better knowing? No, it won't, so don't go looking for it.  Just except that its ok that sometimes you just don't vibe with a person, no drama, no hate.  No one is being nasty so don't give yourself or someone else a hard time about it  You do you and let others do the same...

6.  Change Your Inner Narrative - Everyone has a sort of inner narration, right? If your inner narrative is not positive and loving then its not healthy for you or anyone else.  Change it. For every negative thought you think about yourself, your actions, your appearence, replace it with a positive one. Your thoughts make you who you are.  Want to be a happier, calmer, kinder person? Change your inner narrative to match.

7.  Take Baths - Some studies have shown that baths can have a really positive effect on your health.  They can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress induced headaches and help you sleep better at night.  As an added bonus, the steam from a hot bath can help clean the pores on your face and along with a good skin care regime can give you clearer glowing skin.  Taking baths is a great way of bringing that 10mins of calmness in to your life and they really force you to be in the moment too.

8.  Keep Learning- Some people seem to think once school/collage/uni is over then so is learning but I see it as the opposite.  I think with the use of the Internet, learning should never be over and thanks to google its nearly always a free process.  I get that you might not have time in your life to start an online training course or anything like that but that's not the type of learning I'm talking about.  I mean learning about life and the world.  Pick a subject, it could be anything and everything.  Love, happiness, empathy, cats, dogs, architecture, art, royalty.  It doesn't matter just pick a subject that you are intrigued by or interested in and start googling.  Learn about things, just because you can.  Rather than browse twitter or instagram on your daily commute, google that subject that's always fascinated you.  There is no test, there is no limit to how much you should know. And hey, you might even win that quiz at  Christmas due to your insane knowledge of evergreen trees! I truly believe that for us to be the best version of who we are then we should educate ourselves on the world around us. 

9.  Pick Your Tribe Wisely - Make sure the people who are in your life are good for you.  Their life, the way they live and their attitudes affect you.  We become what we immerse ourselves in, so if you are around negative, unkind people, you will slowly but surely be affected by their behaviour. Take note of anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself or speaks to you in a mean or unkind way and remove yourself.  If you can't physically due to working along side them or having to see them in a mutual circumstance all the time, then find a way to limit their access to your life.  Be kind to them but don't tell  them your business anymore.  If you don't like the way they judge your life, don't give them the information they need about you to be able to make those judgements.  It's your life, only share it with who you choose.
This also goes for your online tribe too, only follow people on social media who inspire you and make you want to do better and be better.

10.  Be kind to yourself and other,  always.

I hope you like my list and that some of these things might help you bring a little more self love and care into your life this week.

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P.S The lyrics that I used in the picture I made above are from THIS song, you need it to be your self-care mantra!


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