Book Review - Good Clean Food by Lily Kunin

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Good Clean Food*
"In her debut cookbook, Good Clean Food, holistic health coach Lily Kunin shares plant-based recipes that showcase the benefits of eating clean, wholesome food. With a simple and pared-down approach, Kunin guides readers on how to create colourful, nourishing plant-based meals, bowls, smoothies, and treats using gluten- and dairy-free ingredients."

Last week I put up THIS post about some of my favourite cookbooks.  When I got this book through the post I thought about including it too but decided it was actually so good it need a post all to itself.

I'm not going to lie, I think sometimes recipe books especially the plant based ones I buy can get a little samey and I didn't really know what to expect from this one but oh my, I was blown away by it. 

This book is based on Lily's blog.  I wasn't familiar with her blog before I read the book so I really didn't know what the visuals would be like but I have to say without a doubt, aesthetically its the most beautiful and appealing cookbook I own.  The images are so striking and inviting and also helpful as Lily shows a break down of how she makes some of the food in visual guides too.  I honestly can't rave about how pretty the layout and design of the book is, if I ever made a cookbook (I'm not and I wouldn't) then I would want it to be just like this, such a clean and simple design.

My favourite ever recipe book like I mentioned in my last post is from Deliciously Ella but I have to say this has went right up there and is now a joint favourite with that.  The recipes are new and easy to follow, they also don't require you to have 20 different ingredients and all cook relatively quick which is a must for me.
I have tried so many meals from this already and they have all been perfect.  I have a list of the meals I want to make from it over the next few weeks as well, it's just really packed full of beautiful food and meal ideas.

Lily is a wonderful narrator of the book and she made everything feel very easy and approachable. I am now not only the biggest fan of her book but also now her blog after discovering it through reading this.  It's a really great one to check out if our looking for some plant based recipes.

I just wanted to write a quick note on the title of the book. I know a lot of people feel quite strongly against the use of the word 'Clean' when it comes to food and eating and personally I would never use that to describe the way I eat as I've always felt it was too Gwyneth Paltrow for me.  But I just wanted to note that in actual fact when you read Lily's 'food journey' story at the start of the book you find out that she really isn't a clean eating crusader and she really champions finding your own way with food and eating whatever food makes you the healthiest and happiest.  So don't be worried that it's going to be all good/bad food or anything like that because Lily is super open-minded and welcoming to all in the book.

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