Style Notes

pink tulle skirt and pink nail polish outfit post

Would you ever match your nail polish to your outfit?

It's something I've thought about lately when its accidentally happened a few times in the past month or so to me. I would always say the whole matching thing was never for me, too 80's glamour and 'done' looking for my style but I sort of dig how pretty and pulled together such a little touch has made me feel.

I like how its a really subtle touch but it still makes a statement.

If your looking to give your style an affordable switch up, why not this weekend match your nails to your outfit or even your lipstick? It's nothing dramatic and easily done but it still makes an impact to your style.

Let me know what you guys think if you try it and if your already a fan?
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P.S Nail Colour I'm wearing is OPI in shade Stop It I'm Blushing.