My YouTube Channel

Hey Beautiful People,
I'm so excited to share this video with you all today.  I have officially launched my YouTube channel, for ~realz~ this time though guys.
I have my first video up which is my channel trailer, just to give you a peek at what is to come on my channel and the whole vibe of it that you can expect to see.
I am aiming to have 2 videos up on my channel every week as well as posting on here, my blog 3 times a week which is my usual schedule. 
My channel will be a moving visual version of this blog, it will feature fashion, beauty, books, music and little bit of everything in between.  I want my blog and my channel to sort of work hand in hand and help my content be more accessible  and reachable to you guys, like if I'm reviewing a product on here then I can show you a demo of me using it on my channel, that kind of thing.
I really want my channel to be low-key and not too fancy or polished and more aesthetically appealing as they are the kinds of videos I love to watch.
I know it will take me a little while to get in my ~vibe~ for posting on YouTube but I am so excited to have you all along for the ride with me.
I would love if you would click HERE and subscribe, like and comment on my video and share with me your links to your channels as well so I can give some love to them too....
Thank You!!!