Girl Power

yellow girl power tshirt, blue mom jeans from missguided

"It is always important to remember where you are from.
And when I say where you are from,
I mean a women"
- Cleo Wade

Today is International Women's day so it felt right to wear my Girl Power T-shirt.
25% of proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt will go to the charity partners of International Women's Day which I just love.  It's honestly my favourite t-shirt, it's such a perfect fit and the slogan and colour are a dream.

I decided that once a week on my new YouTube channel I'll put up a really quick little video of my favourite outfit  that I've worn that week and I thought why not kick that off today.  So I've posted a super short video over on my channel just showing you what this tee looks like on and how I styled it up.

You can take a peek at my video HERE and you can subscribe to my channel when your over there if you fancy that too!

I hope your having a wonderful and inspiring IWD wherever you are in the world!

You can buy this T-shirt* on Teesping