Ecotools Make Up Brushes Review

ecotools makeup brushes vegan all natural non toxicecotools makeup brushes vegan all natural non toxic

ecotools makeup brushes vegan all natural non toxic

I'd been needing new makeup brushes for a while but there are so many different kinds and brands out there that I didn't really know where to start.

I knew I wanted to go for something that was cheap-ish but still really great quality and something as naturally made as possible too. 

I ended up going for some Ecotools brushes and I bought a few packs of the mini ones to give them a go before I went all in for the larger ones.

I sort of fell in love with the whole Ecotools brand when I started to look into, they are a cruelty free company, who use recycled materials.  All the handles on the brushes are made from renewable bamboo and the packaging is all paper free and instead made from cotton and bamboo fibres.  I love what the brand is about and I'm trying to really concisely make an effort to support more brands that are doing good and are making more natural products.

The brushes I got are smaller in size but are actually really perfect for me.  The only thing that's smaller is the handle not the brush heads so I love that they take up less room in my makeup bag.
The bristles are soft but not flimsy and hold their brush shape really well even after being used a lot.  The eye ones are really small which I think is crucial for eyeshadow applying and blending.

The bristles of all the brushes feel really lovely and gentle on my skin too which is great for my super sensitive skin.

I'm so happy I went for these brushes from Ecotools to start with and I can't wait to add some more of their face brushes to  my collection soon!

You can buy the brushes from Content or buy the exact packs I got from Boots  and Superdrug (Who are doing 1/3 off some Ecotools at the moment and these brushes are included)