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The Lean - books about plant based diets and natural living
Books about plant based eating and natural living and beauty

A little while ago I did a post on my journey to having a Plant Based Diet (You can read that post HERE and my store cupboard essentials HERE). When I was trying to learn about food, how to heal my body and educate myself on the whole subject, books were my saving grace and I thought today I would share with you a few of the really important ones on my journey and some that that might help you  if your looking to learn more about wellbeing and a natural lifestyle....

1.  The Lean - This is where it all started with me.  For a while I had been googling day and night to try and find a solution to my heath problems and I gradually started noticing more and more evidence that changing my diet might be what could help me and my symptoms.  This was a while ago though so the whole plant based/food revolution hadn't really hit the mainstream and it was pretty hard to come by any solid information that wasn't just peoples stories.  Fast forward to a few weeks later and I was watching The Ellen Show one day and Kathy Freston, the author of this book was a guest on the show talking about her new book The Lean.  Kathy was who helped Ellen transition to a Vegan diet.  Listening to Kathy talk about food and specifically a Plant Based Diet I knew that I had to get her book, it felt like fate after everything I had been learning.  As soon as I started her book I knew that my life was changed, no exaggeration.  What this book taught me about food and health has been something I will never forget.  It single handedly gave me the confidence and courage to change my whole life and change the way I ate in the hopes that it would in turn make my health better and stop me from feeling so unwell.  Discount the front cover of this book, the weight loss mention and the 30 days.  That's really not at all what this book is about, its about teaching you how a plant based diet can heal you and your life and telling you how to  get started.  I will be forever grateful to Kathy and for Ellen for promoting something at the time not a lot of people were talking about on TV.  If you are at the start of your journey on changing your diet I really urge you to give this book a read, its the perfect way to get you started.
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2.  The Clean - This is the other book that means so much to me.  This is very different to The Lean above as that is written in a very easy to understand not technical way, whereas The Clean is very scientific and is packed from cover to cover with so much information that you sometimes have to take a step back and reread it to take it all in.  Alejandro is a doctor who is trained in both western and eastern medicine and has pioneered this revolutionary program that has healed so many people called The Clean, which is basically the process to restore your bodies own natural ability to heal itself and that is exactly what the book teaches you.  I have never actually done the clean program that the book teaches you about but I got the book for the education from Alejandro as the actual process of The Clean is only a small minority of the book and the rest of it is the education about your body and how to heal it.  By far this is the most influential book of my life to date, there was moments of me reading it where it was like a light bulb going off in my head, the realisation that in actual fact this will work and this will really heal me.  This is the perfect book if you looking to just be educated on your body and food in general, especially if you want to learn about how to heal your body naturally. 
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3.  The Honest Life - I've added these two next books for anyone who doesn't want to delve as deep as the two books above.  These next two books still have a ton of information in them but just not as in depth.  I really, really loved this book.  I didn't know what to expect from it but I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  I have always  liked Jessica Alba and have  admired what she has done with her company too.  This book  is absolutely packed with information and I found myself going back again and again to re-read bits.  I would say though this book is more if you want to change your whole life to a more natural way of living, rather than just your food as the food section is only a small part of the book.  The majority of the book is about changing your beauty routine, food, home and lifestyle rather than just what you eat.  It's also more based on how to do it, more practical advice like what chemicals and toxins you should avoid in your life and how you can replace them with natural products.  This book is really detailed especially in the beauty and home sections.  I have found it so helpful and informative especially now that I'm trying to make the rest of my life more natural and chemical free too. The other thing to note about this book is that it is so beautiful to look at.  The pictures and the layout is stunning and it feels like a really luxe book to have.  This is by far the best celebrity led book I have read, it feels like it's come from a place of knowledge and that Jessica has really put a lot of heart into it too.
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4.  Pretty Happy - I love Kate Hudson, I've been a massive fan of her since her Penny Lane days, seen nearly every movie she has made and just love her whole vibe.  I was really excited to read this book and I really enjoyed it.  I would say though this book is for the very beginner.  I actually read it a while after I was into my natural journey and after I had read all the previous books above and more, so I sort of felt that I didn't learn a ton of new information but I still felt I came away with a greater understanding of certain things. In Kate's book for instance she talks a lot about yoga, exercise and ayurvedic medicine.  She covers those two topics more in depth than the other books so it was really interesting to get her view and take on it all.  What I would say is that this is a lot more like a self help type book rather than a health lifestyle book, which the others are.  So again this would be best for you if that's they type of thing your looking for at the moment.  I found it really interesting hearing about Kate life and her journey with her health and wellbeing up to this point and I really loved how honest she was about everything.  Again this book is stunning, the photography is beautiful and it has the overall feel you would expect from a Kate Hudson book, super happy and upbeat.  This would be amazing for you if your looking to dip your toe into the world of wellbeing without getting stuck down with too much science.
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I really hope you enjoy this roundup of these books.  I tried really hard to include a book for every part of someone's journey from the beginner to the experienced.  I also wanted to say that even though I follow a plant based diet all these books talk about food, health and wellbeing in general and none of them are focused primarily on plant based eating other than The Lean.  So please don't be put off if your a meat eater as none of these books are trying to sell you a vegan/plant based lifestyle (again apart from The Lean) they are just educating you on the choices to can make for having your best health.
I really hope you enjoy and let me know if you love any of these books too?
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