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Today I get to share something super exciting with you.  As part of the book tour for Date With Death I get to give you a little preview of the book and share an extract from the first chapter of the story too, so you will know if you like it or not before you buy it.

I loved this book and I really hope you guys will too.  Don't let the title make you think its a hard-hitting crime thriller as its totally not.  It's such a cosy, lovely, warm hearted read.  Think Murder She Wrote and your on the right track.  It really is a perfect book if you love a little bit of a murder mystery but the lovely sweetness of a contemporary read.

So without further ado....Here is a little something from Chapter One....Enjoy  X

From Chapter One

‘How was it?’

 Sitting on a sofa by the window of Peaks Patisserie, looking out over the marketplace and wishing she was miles away, Delilah glanced up as her sister-in-law placed a coffee in front of her. ‘Awful. Packed, as you’d expect.’ 

‘Did you make my apologies? I’ve been flat out in here, and besides . . . I just couldn’t face it.’

 Delilah placed a hand on Lucy Metcalfe’s arm, noting the strained expression beneath the dark-blonde hair, and gave a gentle squeeze. ‘I spoke to the Hargreaveses. They understood.’ 

A smile flitted across the other woman’s pale features. ‘Thanks.’ She looked down at the papers fanned out on the table. ‘Rather you than me,’ she said, gesturing at the spreadsheets and accounts. ‘What time is your meeting?’

 ‘In half an hour.’ Delilah grimaced as she scooped a layer of froth off her coffee with a spoon. ‘I’m not feeling confident.’ 

‘Huh! You should be. Look . . .’ Lucy took the copy of the Craven Herald from the rack of newspapers inside the door and began to flick through the pages, before folding the paper back and passing it to Delilah. ‘Here. Take this with you and show old Woolly that you’re famous.’

 Staring up from the page was a far-from-flattering photo of Delilah, next to an article about the speed-dating events. 

Delilah groaned.

 ‘It’s not that bad. Anyway, you can put me down for the date night in November,’ said Lucy with a shy grin. ‘Can’t believe how much I enjoyed the last one, considering . . .’ She glanced over at the photo of a young man in military uniform hanging above the counter, a black ribbon decorating the edges of the frame, then back at her sister-in-law. ‘Thanks, Dee, for pushing me to take part.’

 Delilah shrugged off the gratitude in true Bruncliffe fashion. ‘I was only making up numbers.’

 ‘You won’t need to for the next one,’ said Lucy, laughing as she pointed at the paper. ‘Good luck at the bank. Call in and let me know how it went if you have time.’ She squeezed her sister-in-law’s shoulder and then hurried back to the till where a queue of people had formed.

 Delilah turned her attention to the article and the awful picture that made her look like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Still, as long as that didn’t deter customers, it was all publicity and perhaps it would bring people to the website. 

She let her eyes drift over the text once more. And then down to the small item below. She wasn’t aware of dropping her spoon, white foam soaking into the print. She didn’t notice her body tense, the sharp intake of breath that caused Lucy to glance over in concern. She noticed nothing but the two paragraphs. 

A local hiker found dead in the depths of Gordale Scar, his body only discovered when his family alerted the emergency services about his disappearance. Knowing the treacherous terrain in that area, which saw countless accidents every year, the news of itself didn’t shock Delilah. But the name of the hiker . . . Martin Foster. The very same name that had registered with the Dales Dating Agency a month ago. 

Two of her clients dead in the space of a week. A co - incidence? Probably. Even so, it was with trembling fingers that she tore out the article and slipped it into her pocket.

Julia Chapman is the author of Date with Death, the first novel in the Dales Detective Series  You can follow Julia on Twitter @DalesWriter, visit her website and find her on Facebook

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