Tips for having a calmer day...

calm, destress, origami book, wellness

calm, mindfullness, origami book, wellness

destress, meditation, mindfullness, wellness, book

mindfullness, colouring book, meditation, wellness

pema chodron book, meditation, wellness, mindfullness

At the start of the week I posted all about my love for Meditation and how it changed my life (You can read the post HERE).  But I totally get that maybe Meditation isn't for everyone, so I thought I would do this post for anyone who still wanted the effects that come along with meditation but without the actual...well, meditation.

I've created this post to show you that in actual fact there are so many other things that you can do to bring calmness and a sense of relaxation into your life that don't even take much effort or time and are pretty fun!

So here goes....

1.  Origami- This is the art of paper folding.  It's the perfect thing to relax and calm your mind after a stressful day.  Focusing all your concentration on creating folds to form shapes and designs has been shown to help with anxieties, addictions and overall wellbeing.  This is a perfect way to bring calmness into your life with little effort. 
Origami, once broken down and explained well is so simple to pick up and these two books by Samuel Tsang are just amazing at showing you how to learn.  Not only are they beautifully designed books they are also so easy to use and filled with the most wonderful origami. Samuel takes you through step by step how to create the most basic to the most intricate designs, so there really is something for everyone.  I love how easily accessible origami is too, all you need is a piece of paper and that's it.  Both books are equally amazing and both have beginner level up to advanced level designs.  I really, really recommend them both and once you've learnt the art you can make these shapes whenever or wherever you are as a way to de-stress.  You can buy The Book of Mindful Origami* on Amazon and The Magic of Mindful Origami* on Wordery or Amazon too.

2.  The Little Book of Inner Peace* - This little book (it's just a bit bigger than the palm of your hand) is all about the different ways to bring peace and calmness into your life.  It's basically this post but in book form, it covers a range of topics like meditation, breathing techniques and alternative, practical ways to have a calmer life.  I read it in one sitting as its small but its really packed with information and I really took a lot away from the book after reading it.  This would be a perfect one to gift to someone or if your someone who can get anxious or stressed when your out and about then this would be great to carry with you.  Perfect for on the go and all the techniques are so quick and they really do work, especially the breathing tips.  You an buy the book on Wordery 

3.  The Mindfulness Colouring Book - This is something that most people have heard of but colouring-in really is a great way to relax your mind.  It works in the same way that Origami does by distracting your mind and making it really concentrate on something else, your body without trying then naturally calms itself down.  This book is beautiful, again it's smaller so you can throw it in your bag and carry it around with you for whenever you might need it.  I love all the different patterns in this too, so many great shapes and designs but nothing too tricky.  You can buy the book on Wordery

4.  The Pocket Pema Chodron - This is such a little gem of a book.  Again it's really small, even smaller than the little book of peace above.  I actually first saw this pocket version on Anna's beautiful blog HERE and straight away knew I needed it in my life.  Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun and this little book is full of words of wisdom from her.  Just a few lines on each page, about different subjects but it really is a perfect book to always carry with you and open to give you a bit of advice when you need it.  It's a really great book especially if you don't have a lot of time at the moment to read but still want some words to calm you down.  You can buy it on Wordery

5.  Read a Magazine - It might sound simple but again like the colouring book and the Origami, when your in a time of stress or being overwhelmed all you need to do is distract your thoughts to feel that almost instant feeling of relief.  So reading a magazine, taking even 10mins to sit down with it and really focus your mind on it, take in what it's saying and look at the pictures.  It will give your mind a few minutes peace to calm down. Try doing this a few times a week and you'll notice the difference. 

6.  Listen to music - This again sounds so simple but sometimes it's easy to forget the simple things when you've got a lot on your plate.  Pick a song that means something to you or that you love and turn it up really loud and listen.  A bonus would be dancing along to it and really letting yourself just go for those 3 or so minutes. My tip would be pick a song that makes you think of good times, funny times or even just summer in general, its an instant mood booster.

7.  Listen to a Podcast and paint your nails - This is one of my favourite things to do lately as I just find it so relaxing.  You kind of get double for your money here, some pampering and some calmness in your life all in the one go.  Pick a podcast that really interests you or makes you laugh, there are literally thousands to choose from (HERE are a few of my faves and I'm doing an updated list soon) and you can choose the length of time they are on for too.  Your mind will be focused on your nail painting and the podcast at the same time so you should feel super chilled after this, I always do! Bonus, your nails will look beautiful too....

I hope so much that you liked this list of different way to brings some calmness into your life and I hope you find something that helps you have some more chilled out moments in your day....

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