Things To Watch - The February Edition

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Welcome to the first instalments of 'Things To Watch'.  I LOVE tv and films and thought it was about time that I had a regular feature on my blog all about well, TV shows and films.  So 'Things To Watch' was born.  At the start-ish of every month I'm going to compile a list of shows that are either just brand new, are about to start over the coming month or that I've just discovered that I think both me and you guys will love. So here we go....

1.  Once Day At A Time - Ok so this is a bit of cheat as it was released in January not February but I'm making the rules here so I get to break them too, right? haha! I binge watched this show in about two days.  Its a half hour comedy and there are 13 episodes and only 1 season so far.   Its a Netflix Original and I had really high hopes for it as the description sounded great.  Its a about a Latina family living in California.  The mum is a single mother raising her teen daughter and tween son on her own with only the help of her own mother who has moved in with them.  I LOVED this.  When I first started watching the first episode, I thought it was a bit slow and I didn't really find the humour that funny but as soon as the 2nd episode kicked in, I was hooked.  It's really, really funny.  It is also more than a comedy though, its got such a beautiful heart to it, like I feel super invested in the family after watching it.  It feels like its exactly what kind of show is needed at the moment, its a really modern sitcom.  I loved all the characters and they all got time to shine but I have to give a massive shout-out to the legend that is Rita Moreno, she is just beyond funny in this!- You can watch this on Netflix now.

2.  Schitt's Creek- This show is created by Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy and stars them both too.  Its a 13 episode comedy, with each episode lasting around 20mins.  I actually watched season 1 of this just before Christmas but it makes this list because Season 2 has just been added to Netflix this week.  Disclaimer I am the biggest fangirl when it comes to Eugene Levy, like I love him majorly and after watching the first season I also now feel that way about his son too.  I really enjoyed this show and I can not wait to get started on season 2.  The show is about a really rich family who lose all their money, the only money they have left is all wrapped up in a town called Shitt's Creek that the father bought the son as a joke years earlier.  The story is based on them dealing with being broke and trying to come to terms with that as well as the new town that they live in.  Its funny but again has a slow start the first few episodes then it really comes into its own.  I really love this show, so easy to watch and a lot of real laugh out loud moments. The writing is so on point too - You can watch Season 1+2 on Netflix now.

3.  Australia's Next Top Model - Ah I could seriously watch this show on a loop, I loved all the passed seasons of ANTM and my hopes are so high for the new season.  It started a few weeks ago in the UK and I've been recording them all as I love to binge on a few of them at a time.  They repeat most of the past episodes on a Sunday I think it is, so you can catch up on any you have missed. - You can watch Australia's Next Top Model on the Lifetime channel on Thursdays at 9pm

4.  The Good Karma Hospital - This is the big new Sunday night drama from ITV.  I think it looks like one of those really sweet feel-good shows, it sort of reminds me of Wild At Heart, do you guys remember that show? It's set in South India and is about a hospital run by an eccentric British lady and a new doctor who comes to start working for her.  Its billed as life affirming, optimistic and humorous.  It starts on ITV on Sunday the 5th February at 9pm

5.  Santa Clarita Diet - This is a new show from Netflix starring the ah-mazing Drew Barrymore.  Its about a normal suburban housewife who world is transformed when she contracts a virus that turns her into a human flesh eating zombie.  Now I would never, ever watch a show with that description as I'm just not about shows like that, they just kinda bore me but I am definitely going to give this a go as its Drew Barrymore and I am such a massive fan of hers and the trailer does actually look pretty funny and weird but not Zombie gross which is a plus.  There are 10 episodes and they are all around the half hour mark in length.  You can watch this from today on Netflix.

6.  Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian - I really didn't know what to expect from this show but I really love it.  I think the format works really well and I'm such a sucker for any kind of transformation show.  Each week participants in the show want to transform their lives and Khloe helps them do just that.  Really easy watch and if you love the kardashians (For real though, does anyone not nowadays) then I think that you need this show in your life.  Watch it on E! on Sundays at 6pm.

7.  Neighbours - I can't even explain how much I am loving neighbours at the moment guys.  I grew up watching neighbours religiously everyday without missing a episode (I used to tape them when I couldn't watch it live using one of those VHS bad boys in the photo) but a few years ago I just wasn't loving the storyline, so I made the decision to step away from watching it for a while but last year I came back into Ramsey Streets loving arms and my gawd am I glad I did.  If you've taken some time away from it like I did, I urge you to give it another shot people, seriously its as amazing, ridiculous, dramatic and classic as always. I'll leave you with the breaking news from Ramsey Street over the past few weeks and that is that DEE BLISS IS ALIVE, I know, I know like I've blown your mind, you should take a seat and recover.  You can watch Neighbours Mon-Fri at 5.30pm on Channel 5.

I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I have this month, let me know what shows and movies you've been loving.