The Wishlist Post #2

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Just before Christmas I did my first Wishlist post in a long time, I loved creating it again and you guys seemed to really like it too so I'm going to be doing a monthly wishlist post where I'm going to share all the things I wish I could buy haha!
So here we go with February's list...

1.  TV*- So this is the Panasonic UHD 4K TV and it looks amazing.  Basically its like Ultra HD and the picture and colours that they use in the TV are so true to life, that its like looking through a window rather than a TV screen.  You can also move the feet of the TV around to fit in and adjust it to where you want it in your room.  The picture quality of the TV was made at Panasonic's Hollywood labs using the same technology that is used to make movies, which seems pretty damn cool, huh?  I don't know why (I'm lying I do, I have been binge-watching The Kardashians and they have these rooms) but lately I've been thinking it would be so cool to have a cinema type room, a room with just a TV and big comfy sofa and not much else and I think this would be perfect for that.  Ahh OK so I'm off to buy a lottery ticket....

2.  Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han - Ahhh I am so crazy excited for the third instalment of this book series to come out.  Have you read these books by Jenny Han?  They are the sweetest, most perfect reads.  I'm going to be doing a review of the first two really soon here so keep an eye out for that if you want to hear more about them.  The books follow the lives of the Song Sisters and specifically Lara Jean and the trials and tribulations of her love life.  This last book in the series comes out on the 2nd May .You can Pre-Order it on Wordery

3.  Record Player - This is just dreamy looking isn't it?  I have wanted a record player like this in either cream or pink for the longest time and I just keep furiously refreshing Urban Outfitters everyday to check to see if they are in any sales yet but alas they're not.  Let me know if you guys have any recommendations of any record players too? You can buy this one for £100 on Urban Outfitters

4.  RMS Beauty Master Mixer- I have this insane love for RMS beauty and I have never even tried any of their products.  I watch youtube video after youtube video of reviews of all the products, I listen to podcasts with the creator behind the brand and I already have picked out the exact products I want to buy.  I'm a bit worried that I love the brand so much and everything that it stands for that I'm maybe putting too much pressure on the products to be as amazing as I think they will be, my hopes are so crazy high for this brand.  This is the first thing I want to buy from RMS and I am keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to buy it this month.  RMS is an all natural, chemical free beauty line.  It was founded by Rose-Marie Swift who is a legendary make up artist and she created the line after she found out what all the chemicals in the makeup she was using were doing to her health.  This master mixer is basically a do -it-all product.  You can mix it in with your foundation for a glow, wear it as eyeshadow, mix it in with your lipsticks and glosses, wear it as highlighter.  It seems like a real wonder pot and I've really only ever heard good things about it.  I am so excited to try some of this range and I'll be sure to put up the reviews if I ever get my hands on this stuff. You can buy it from Content Beauty for £30 (I'm also in love with this store, it is filled with all the products I want to have in my makeup bag, it's an all-natural online makeup store.)

5.  Shirt -  Just a super beautiful shirt.  I really love this sort of blush pink and I love the over- sized shape and writing on the back too, so cute to just throw on over some jeans.  From Missguided £35

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