Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Review

kat von d tattoo liner review, makeup, beauty

kat von d tattoo liner review, makeup, beauty

Eyeliner has always been my thing, ever since I started wearing makeup its been really the one constant in my make up life.  But like most fellow liner lovers I have been through my fair share of brands trying to find my one true love of the liner world.  And I know its a bold statement guys but I think I've found it....

Say hello to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (which is Black).  I got this for my Christmas this year and I knew I was so late jumping on the bandwagon of this product but I'd put off trying it as I was worried that all the hype I'd heard around it was, well just hype but it really, really wasn't!

This without a doubt is the best and easiest liner I have ever used in my life.  The felt tip head on it is so slim but wide enough at the bottom to get a more defined shape without any effort.  The felt tip style is very different to any other felt tip pen I have used, it feels like its made of a completely different material and it also doesn't fray either, yah!

The colour is a true black and dries the same colour, not a grey or the dreaded green.  It also dries with more of a sheen to it, rather than matte which I love.

I have wore this non stop since I got it and it lasts the whole day without moving, transferring or smudging.

I honestly can not rave about this enough, if your a bit intimidated by liner especially liquid liner give this a go, it is such a simple easy product to use and I think you will really, really love it!

You can buy it on Debenhams for £16