Book Review - Capture Your Style

capture your style book, review, aimee song, instagram tips

capture your style by aimee song, book review, instagram tips

capture your style by aimee song, book review, instagram tips

capture your style by aimee song, book review, instagram tips

When I first started blogging a long, long time ago Aimee Song's blog, Song of Style was one of my first big loves in the blogging world.  Her pictures were always stunning and her blog always felt just a cut above the rest.  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard Aimee was going to release a book, I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough!

The book is called Capture Your Style and it is without a doubt one of the prettiest books I have ever had the joy of reading.  The books subject matter is Instagram and how you can learn from Aimee's uber instagram status to become a master of the 'gram yourself.

So a little background with me and instagram.  I only started to instagram last year.  I had such an old phone that I couldn't get the instagram app on it and when I finally did, it would only sporadically let me post, so it really wasn't until the second half of last year that I have been able to properly give instagram a go and try and get to grips with using it.  I have to say though, within days it became my favourite thing, I just love sitting and looking through everyone's beautiful, inspiring pictures and I also found out how much I just genuinely love taking photos and curating my own feed too.  So when I saw what Aimee's book was about, I felt like the stars had aligned as I couldn't wait to learn more from her about the social media platform.

Even though my instagram is only in its infancy, I feel like I gained a wealth of knowledge from Aimees useful and super easy to implement tips.  Her ideas and suggestions were so helpful and I loved finding out how she created her awe-inspiring images on her feed too. 

The book isn't only helpful for instagram though, I would say that if you are interested in learining the basics of photography or blogging then this book needs to be in your life.

I sometimes think books like this promise so much and you come away from them thinking that you didn't learn anything new but this book couldn't be more different.  I honestly feel this has completely changed the way that I look at my instagram and has helped me shape and decide what I want it to be. 

The book itself felt like one massive source of inspiration from the beautiful images inside, to the books actual design itself.  I know this is a book that I will reference constantly and keep going back to when I need help with my blog or instagram. 

I honestly just want to put a massive shout-out here to Aimee for being such a queen and using her skills and her talent to create such a helpful and beautiful book.  After I finished the book I did think how amazing it was that someone who is absolutely killing the instagram game put out all her tips and advice in such an honest way, I really feel like Aimee is a perfect example of using your platform to help others succeed and encouraging  other girls and women especially to help one another out.

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