The Best Ever Epilator


Braun Silk-epil 9 Epilator*

So a little while ago I was planning on doing a big round up of all the epilators that I had used and do a review on them so that if you were looking to buy one you would have a choice.  Then I used this epilator in the picture above and I had to throw that idea out the window as I just wouldn't feel right recommending anything over this so I changed the post and held off until now to put it on my blog as I think its perfect for gifting to someone this Christmas.  So on to the review.....

What is Epilating? - I thought I should include this in case not everyone  had used an epilator before.  Epilating is a form of hair removal.  You use a device called an epilator (pictured above) which mechanically pulls each hair out from the root. 

What is the difference from shaving, waxing etc? - Well, shaving just takes off the top layer of hair and doesn't disturb the hair's root so you get super quick regrowth.  Waving and epilating are the most similar as they both pull the hair out in one go from the root but epilating does not take any skin cells away from your top layer of skin which waxing does.  Also even though waxing can grasp onto short hairs, most modern epilators can pull out even shorter ones making the regrowth from waxing a little quicker than epilating.

My Epilating experience - Bar a couple episodes, the rite of passage of shaving your legs and getting 55 cuts in them, I have mostly  epilated since I started hair removal on my legs.  So over the years I have used a good handful of epilators, not loads as the thing about them is they last for such a long time  but the only reason I have ever upgraded is because better ones come on the market for sale.  Because I have mostly always epilated my legs I have seen a massive, massive depletion in hair growth and also hair thickness. This is a side effect of epilating and I guess everyone has different experiences of it but if you epilate over quite a long period of time they say that your hair just gradually gets lighter in appearance and eventually might even stop growing as much in places.  I never really believed that until a few years ago and I think the epilator that I used at the time wasn't working so I hadn't done my legs in little while (it was winter people) and after I finally got a new one and went to epilate again I took a good look at my legs and couldn't believe that basically the hair now only grows in one medium sized strip down the front of my legs, the backs are nearly always completely bare and the tops of my legs don't have much hair there anyway.  I was so pleased when I realised and the thought that it might even get less makes me so super happy. 

The Braun Silk-epil 9 - I love Braun's epilators, they are without a shadow of a doubt the best brand in my eyes for epilators, every one I have had from them has lasted for such a long time.  I couldn't wait to try this one as I had heard such amazing things about it and I was not disappointed, the hype is real people.  This is by far the most advanced one I have used, it has the largest amount of tweezers that grip and pull on the hair which means that you get more hair pulled out in one go and all the different attachment heads you get with it is so helpful too if you want to epilate any other part of your body.  Also the biggest reason I wanted to try this was I felt my old epilator was just not pulling out the really small hairs from my legs and it was annoying me and I hoped this one would change that and thankfully it did.  This pulls hair that is 0.5mm in length compared to waxing that pulls out hair that is 2mm, so a big difference.  This is by far the best epilator I have ever used and I find all my hair is pulled out completely and I'm not left with any wee tiny hair still on my legs.  If you charge it for 1 hour you get 40mins which is amazing and its cordless too.  You can also use this wet or dry so you can use it in the shower or bath too.

Re- Growth - So as an average number most epilators say that you get around 4 weeks free until your hair growths back.  I think with most I have used I would say I get just under that but with this one as it takes out the smallest lengths of hair, I personally have went around 5 weeks with not even a hint of regrowth and then just after that I could feel some little hairs poking through my skin and I went in with the epilator again.  I can't even tell you how much of a game changer this epilator has been for me and epilating in general is just amazing for long regrowth times.

The Pain - Ok so I've kept this to last because there is nothing else to say other than the truth, Epilating is sore.  It's a row of metal tweezers pulling your hair from its root at speed, over and over again, so if you imagine how sore that is then you've got the pain level.  But honestly it just doesn't bother me at all any more it's like my body is so used to it.  I always recommend everyone I know to epilate and they all say the thought of the pain puts them off but seriously please don't let it.  I always say there is no shock factor with it, you know its going to be sore and if you prepare yourself then it wont be as bad.  A couple of tips from me on how to lesson the pain, if its your first time epilating, make sure you go in with pretty short hair as the longer the hair the sorer it is to pull out. You will be shocked by that initial hit of pain but don't stop, that makes it worse just breathe through it and keep going. Also you can do it in a hot bath which makes it less painful or alternatively you can pat your legs down with an icy flannel and that will also numb them a bit before hand.  The worst bit is starting and then when you are halfway around the leg you forget about the pain I promise you.  And my last tip, don't go slow and try not to keep it on the slow speed setting for too long, the faster you pull the hair the better it is, the old saying of pulling off the band aid fast is pretty true in this scenario...

I know that's a lot of information in one post but I wanted to share as much as I could about epilating in case any of you are wanting to start but just didn't know much about it.  I honestly can't recommend this epilator enough, its amazing and without a doubt the best one I have ever used and the least painful too(sidenote it also has a glitter handle just in case you weren't convinced enough haha).  I think this would make the most perfect present for someone or just for yourself too obvz haha.  I know epilators are all expensive and that's why I think its so important to get the best one you can, know that your making an investment and in my experience will last you a really, really long time!

P.S I've just been googling around to try and get the cheapest price I could find for you guys and it seems like Superdrug have it on sale right now, yah!