My Favourite Lorelai Gilmore Moment


A little while ago I was asked if I wanted to take part in the blog tour for Lauren Grahams new book 'Talking as Fast as I Can'.  Blog tours are great, they are when an author 'virtually' tours round the Internet and stops in at blogs along the way to share stories or extracts or even some Q+As.  I've done a couple here on my blog and they are always fun but I have to be honest I have probably never been more excited to be asked to be a part of something ever.

I know I've spoken a lot about Gilmore Girls on this blog and I even had my Gilmore Girls Book Club but I honestly don't think I can convey in words to you guys how much this show has meant to me so to be able to be a part of Laurens (who will always be Lorelai to me) new book coming out in the UK is just crazy to me.  When I heard about Lauren's new book in the  summer I put it on my wishlist and I can not wait to get my hands on a copy and start reading it.  Its a collection of essays about  Laurens life and takes us right up to date to the Gilmore Girls revival exciting!

As part of the tour I was asked to share with you my favourite lorelai  moment.  And I tried, honestly I really tried to pick just one but I got to the point where I had all these YouTube clips lined up of all these classic lorelai moments but I still felt like I wasn't doing the character justice and then I realised why.

It's because my favourite Lorelai moment is her just existing. Gilmore Girls wasn't shown over here when it was originally shown on TV in America (to my knowledge, but I might be wrong people) so years later when it was actually nearly finished and wrapping up the last season in America I came across the box set for season 1 and that changed everything.  Me and my mama together sat down to watch that first episode not expecting much other than a sweet show and what we got was invited into the beautiful and special world of Stars Hollow, greeted straight away by this magical character of Lorelai Gilmore and we were in, hook, line and sinker. What followed was me and my mama ordering every boxset from anywhere we could until we had all of them.

Night after night we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning as we just couldn't wait o see what would happen next to our favourite new friends the Gilmore's.  And I think that's it, they felt familiar, they felt like people we actually knew in real life, every new character we met on screen we would say that's like so and so from down the road or doesn't he remind you that guy from xyz.  It wasn't an escape to watch Gilmore Girls more like a celebration of who we are and all the crazy moments in our lives and of where we lived too.

For the first time in my life as I sat next to my mama, aka my BFF, as we watched the show, I saw a relationship on screen that portrayed our own.  Ever since that first season I've called my mama, my lorelai because that's what she is to me.  They are both strong and beautiful and caring and make every moment in life seem like a cause for celebration. 

For years I had watched teenagers and their mums fight and shout and yell that they hate each other on TV.  That mother, daughter relationship always was seen as a battle of people who only barely  tolerated each other and even though I know that is the case for many people I couldn't connect with it and it couldn't have been further from my life.  Then when lorelai and Rory came along it was like woah that's like us....

So my favourite lorelai moment is that she was created. That Gilmore Girls creator and superwomen Amy Sherman Palladino, decided that we needed to see a women like Lorelai on our screens, strong and powerful in her confidence that being who she was, was OK, it was enough and by being so, gave the rest of us permission to feel the same way about ourselves.  And maybe my most favourite part of Lorelai existing in our lives was that it gave me a chance to tell my mama that she was in fact my very own lorelai  and I hope more than anything that if you don't already, you get your own version of Lorelai in your life soon as I'm pretty sure we all need a Lorelai Gilmore but until you do you've always got the reruns of the real thing, right?

So thank you Lauren Graham for bringing this character into all our lives, you've probably changed more peoples worlds than you will ever know and thanks in advance for writing what is probably going to be my new favourite book too, your a legend....!

You can Pre-Order Lauren's book from Amazon and it's out on December 6th in the UK.

P.S. My Lightbox in the photo above is often adorned with my favourite GG lines...