My Christmas List

Do you guys remember when I used to do these wishlist  posts all the time? I don't know why I stopped doing them as I always loved making them.  I think I will definitely bring  these back as a more regular thing in the New Year.  I thought I would do this today because I decied this year not to do any gift guides on my blog and  I thought I would show you what Christmas gifts are on my own Christmas list for myself this year instead.
I've just picked a few things and thought I would share them with you...

1*.  I just think these three little mini shea butters from L'Occitane in the sweetest looking tin look so cute and are so handy to carry around with you.  I love Shea butter and I've heard (from watching hours of them talking about it on QVC) that this brands Shea butter is just amazing.  I love the idea of using this on the dry skin on my arms and legs as its gotten so bad throughout winter and I think this would be great for putting on my elbows, knees and feet before I do my fake tanning too!  L'Occitane have so many Christmas Gifts on their website at the moment that I have on my list too!

2.  So as you know I am a black liner lover. When I first started to get into wearing liner I always used liquid but gradually moved onto gel as I do think you get so much more control over it and it is much easier to use but I have been coveting this Kat Von D Tattoo liner for so long that I had to add it to my list, I feel this is a product that my hopes are so high for, I just don't know if it will actually be able to live up to them but I've got my fingers crossed.

3.  Love Ban.Do and all their stationary, I've followed them on instagram for a while and just love all their designs so I decided to put this on my list.  I have used the Kate Spade planner this year and it has been the best thing ever but her planners are just so crazy expensive so I thought I would try out this one next year and see if it's any good.  It looks like it has a full calendar for every month and a lot of space to write too which is a must for me!

4.  I have heard so many great things about EcoTools, I first saw Teni use them in her videos and thought they sounded great and I've been reading so many good reviews of them.  I've actually put two different sets on my Christmas list from them this year, I can't wait to try them out and see if they live up to the hype.

5. I have super dry and dehydrated skin so face powder or makeup setting powder has never been a part of my life as it cakes on me but also my makeup never moves on my face so it always seemed a bit pointless for me to use it. Lately though I have been reading so many reviews and watching so many YouTube videos about the RCMA No-Colour Powder and decided that I probably need it in my life.  Its meant to be really great for extremely dry skin and I have also been having a little trouble with a new concealer, with it creasing so I felt like maybe the powder might be able to sort me out.

6.  Like seriously guys, you knew I would have to include something from Kate Spade right? haha! This is her initial plastic tumbler and I think they might just be the prettiest things I've ever seen.  I actually have been slowly cutting out using any kind of plastic to drink out of and sticking to glass only and been pouring my water into mason jars but I've checked and this is actually free of BPA, phthalate, and lead so I feel ok about putting it on my list and using it from time to time.

7.  I watched an interview with Judy a little while ago, it was a pretty long and in-depth interview with her, talking about her life and her book and she was just the nicest and really funny.  I thought her book sounded like something that I would love so I knew I had to have it on my Christmas list.  I am basically the Rom-Com Queen and am obsessed with the genre, I know that I have seen nearly all the movies that Judy has starred in and thought  it would be fun to hear about them from her point of view, really excited about this book and it's definitely one I'm going to buy anyway even if I don't get it for my Christmas!

I hope you really like my little wishlist and I would love to hear what you have got on your list this year?

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