Merry Christmas

So I did it, I completed #blogmas, yah!!!!

I really hope that you liked all my posts this month and found something new to love, buy or listen to.  I loved taking part in #blogmas and it was super fun coming up with double the amount of posts that I usually do in a month too!

So this is where I'm going to leave you this year.  I've decided to take off a couple of weeks from blogging over the holiday period just so I can really enjoy it and take some time out to relax. 
I just wanted to take a minute though to thank you so much for all your support this year on my blog, twitter and instagram.  I feel this year, maybe more so than ever, I found my feet a little bit more on my blog and I really feel super connected to everything that I'm posting and honestly can not wait to start sharing posts with you all in the New Year.
My blog has been going for so many years that I've kinda lost count and it just means so much to me that so many of you have been here from the start and for anyone who has just found me in my little corner of the Internet, then hello and thank you so much for stopping by!

I really hope that you all have a beautiful time over the holidays, even if your not celebrating, I hope you manage to have some time to relax.  And if you are celebrating Christmas, then I hope you have so much fun.

I will be back posting on the 9th of January so check back then.  I will be back to my 3 times a week schedule too.
Even though I'm not blogging I will be instagramming up a storm, its honestly my  favourite thing at the moment and I really do love instagram stories too, so be sure to follow HERE on instagram to keep up with everything that I'm doing over the holidays!

Thank you all again, you beautifully wondrous people....
Merry Christmas