Lomography - The Diana F+

All those years ago when I first discovered Lomography cameras and photography it was all because of this camera above...The Diana F+. 
I don't know why and I can't remember how but I stumbled across it on someone's blog or tumblr just when blogs and tumblrs were becoming a thing and digital cameras were finally becoming available and affordable to the masses, I fell head over heels for the antidote of that...the analogue camera.

I was born in 1990 so I managed to experience a childhood with summers of disposable cameras filled with long forgotten memories on them until months later when you finally got them developed.   Ok, half the shots were either just your finger over the lens, really dark pictures where you couldn't see anyone in them or really light pictures where you all looked like you were actually ghosts.  But irrelevant of the outcome you always went back and done more because I genuinely mean it when I say, I don't think you can match that feeling you get when your waiting just about to open the packet of newly developed photos wondering what memories will have been captured....

 My childhood may have been filled with analogue cameras but my teenage years were all about digital cameras and I love them, seriously I wouldn't be able to have this blog if it wasn't for them but in my heart nothing makes me feel more emotion than when I look at those imperfectly perfect, manually taken, photographs from my childhood.

So when I first came across Lomography and their cameras and philosophy I just loved the whole thing but it wasn't to be for me and the Diana F+ just yet so I filled that lomo-filled gap by getting myself the cheaper and quirky alternative that was the ActionSampler which is still one of my most favourite cameras to date (You can see a few of the pictures I have taken with that HERE).  But finally me and the Diana F+ have been brought together and I can't tell you how much it has lived up to all my expectations and surpassed them.  Here is what it says on the Lomo website about the camera -

"A twist on the cult classic 60's Diana camera, the Diana F+ produces dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images on 120 film. The same look, the same quality—but the modified version also allows you to take pinhole photos and is compatible with an entire line of Diana F+ accessories. "

This is just such a perfect camera.  Its extremely lightweight like all the lomo camera's I've tried
so it's great to take everywhere with you.  It's so easy to set up but definitely have a read over the instructions before you use it as if you've never used an analogue camera for a while it can seem so different to digital but just give yourself 5mins to get familiar to the workings and the couple of settings it has and you'll be fine.

The pictures this camera takes are dreamy, you can get so many different effects depending on settings and lighting that you use but if you just want to 'point and shoot' as lomo tell you to do then you will get really on point quality with a  really trippy feel to the pictures.  They are what every instagram filter tries to give you but in real life.

You won't have any idea what your pictures will look like and if you've taken them in the right light or if you've made them blurry but that right there is why I love this camera so much! Some pictures will turn out the way I want and some wont but they will all be so perfect in their own way.

Like I said I love digital cameras and having the ability to lighten pictures or change the colours but sometimes I just want a picture to be of the moment, awkward faces, gestures and bad lighting included.  The Diana F+ gives you pictures that you will keep forever.

If your looking for a present for someone who loves photography or just want a beginners level analogue camera then this is a must.

You can buy this camera* and buy some film for it too in the Lomography shop