Coffee Table Book - Art Installations


Art Installations: A Visual Guide* with Foreward by Danielle Krysa
"Art Installations: A Visual Guide explores the contentious question of what defines installation art, by presenting the reader with a visual journey through the highlights of this artform since the 1960s. With stunning imagery, the showcased artworks include a broad and diverse range of significant, canonical and well-received examples, demonstrating the recurrent characteristics that persist in this theatrical and immersive medium. Art Installations: A Visual Guide is for the casual art lover who enjoys high-end books with beautiful design".

Well you guys know it wouldn't be Christmas around here if I didn't feature a big ole' beautiful coffee table book.  And today's offering is as pretty as they come, it's simply stunning...

The book sort of gives away its contents in the title, it's a book packed with artists installations from around the world and over the course of many years.  Some are small, most are big and the book itself is pretty large in size, which is to accommodate some of the most special imagery I've seen in a book in a long time.  You will basically want to pull out the photographs and put them on your wall (but as any book lover knows its basically illegal to pull out pages of books, right?).

This year I've tried really hard to bring in my love of art to this blog and try and weave it in through different posts.  I love art and enjoy experiencing so many different kinds of it but my favourite has got to be art like this. I call it art-that-you-can-be-a- part-of, rooms filled with lights that you can walk through, buildings with things hanging from the ceiling you can touch, weird things that crop up on a street that you can walk over, all of that is art but for me the fact that you can interact with it, touch it, go in it, over it and under it sometimes just makes it all feel so much more special.

I think the thing about art that can sometimes alienate us is that it can feel removed from us, only for a certain type of person maybe and for me art that is in this book is the opposite, its for everyone and doesn't discriminate which I just love.

Like I mentioned above, this book is a big, it has glossy pages, that are covered in photographs that take up most of the page and then with some short text explaining the piece and giving you some information about it.  It made me just want to experience this art so much more in real life and I'm actually going to make an effort to try and seek out more installations.

You guys know how I feel about a coffee table book, I honestly think they are the best presents you can buy people, they are so luxe and special and I think they are the type of gifts that people keep forever so I think if you have someone in your life who appreciates art, design or photography then I think they will just adore this book.

It really is such an amazing piece of art in itself....

You can buy the book on Amazon