Bringing the beauty of nature into your home


If there is one style trend of the 21st century that looks like it is here to stay, it is the idea of having natural elements within your home. Perhaps this has arisen because of a need to add soft edges to contemporary designs, or perhaps it is because of a desire to reconnect with nature. Whatever the reason, the beauty of nature can be brought into your home and can make it a better place to be.

Setting a theme

You may want to set a theme for your interior design that incorporates natural elements. For example, you may opt for an interior that reminds you of the seaside, using blue to represent the sea and sky, and white to represent the waves breaking on the beach, or possibly even the hue of the sand. This fresh colour scheme can be accented with natural items that can be found on the beach or that are washed up by the sea, such as pebbles and shells, or large pieces of driftwood. This latter can look particularly impactful when placed in isolation, such as standing in a corner of a room, or for smaller pieces, on a shelf.


There is a reason why natural materials remain popular choices for furniture: it is simply because they look fantastic and last for years. Wooden furniture, particularly oak, is a great choice for dining tables and coffee tables, because whatever colour the oak is, whether light, medium or dark, it is certain to complement any colour scheme and even other non-oak pieces of furniture. The natural grain of any wooden piece of furniture needs no further adornment – it is simply gorgeous to look at as it is. Other natural materials for furniture include wicker and willow, though these may be more suitable for a conservatory or as garden furniture.


Perhaps the easiest way to bring nature into your home is through ornamentation, and there is no better ornament for a room than fresh flowers or plants. It is essential, though, that they are put in a suitable container, one that sets off their natural beauty, and that can emphasise through colour your overall theme. For example, small bouquets of flowers, particularly wild flowers, would look lovely in these flower bottle vases, which also have a flower motif in their glass. Green plants look best in ceramic pots, and tall plants can fill an empty space beautifully. Your kitchen is a great place to have pots containing all those herbs you use in your cooking.

Soft furnishings

The nature theme can also be extended, in spirit if not in actuality, in your home’s soft furnishings. For example, your cushion covers could be animal prints or depict countryside scenes, or objects from nature, such as leaves or trees, while the rugs you lay on your wooden floors could be made out of sisal or seagrass.

You can bring nature into your home, and improve your mood and sense of wellbeing in the process, by selective placing of natural objects for decoration and using natural materials for your furniture and soft furnishings.

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