My Winter Beauty Favourites


A little while ago I did a summer roundup of some new (or old but mostly new) products that I had been loving and I thought it would be a good idea to do a winter version so here you go....

1.  Neutrogena Hand cream - So this is my winter staple and I just had to include it in this post.  Definitely not a new product for me but I honestly couldn't get through the cold months without it.  I have super dry skin and when it gets cold the skin on my hands gets so dehydrated, dry and sore and this is literally miracle cream for them.  Its so thick and heavy but it doesn't leave any residue on your hands and dries in a couple of seconds.  It smells so lovely too.  If you have dry hands then I would totally recommend this for you!  You can read my full review all about it HERE or buy it from Superdrug

2.  White Glo* - So I have been trying out this White Glo Diamond Series kit, in it you get this everyday toothpaste, a mouth tray and whitening gel.  This is an Australian brand that has made its way over to the UK.  I've been trying it out for a few weeks and I'll let you know the end results but so far its a really nice product that cleans your teeth really well.  It definitely gets off stains and gives the appearance of a brighter smile.  I would always say though with these products to keep in mind the kind of results you would get, very natural and very subtle compared to real dentist type teeth whitening but if your looking for something that is affordable to give you a brighter smile then I would give this a look.  You can buy it from Boots.

3.  Bourjois Nail Polish Remover - This is the OG of sponge nail polish removers, the original and one that started it all but weirdly I had only ever tried other brands and not this one up until a few months ago.  I love this so much and its by far the best one that I've tried.  I think this is a must have for over the festive period and its just so handy and easy to you.  You can buy it from Boots

4.  Aquaint* - This is an all natural, chemical free hand sanitiser.  I don't know about you but hand sanitisers are basically my life, I am never far from one and even though I know they are filled with a whole bunch of crazy chemicals I just love knowing that they are killing all the nasty bugs/colds/flues that I could be picking up.  But as you know I'm trying to go a lot more natural with my beauty/lifestyle products and I couldn't wait to give this a go.  To be honest I thought it sounded too good to be true, but basically it really is as amazing as it sounds.  I wanted to copy the exact words from the website to give you an idea of what the whole thing was about -

"Aquaint is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Sanitising Water that also kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds. The water provides the base for it to be highly effective as a cleanser, and its only other ingredient, a NATURAL ACID (Hypochlorous Acid) which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, provides its anti-bacterial properties. Aquaint is endorsed by Allergy UK as an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’. Aquaint is that safe it passed official UK Drinking Water tests, and is arguably the safest sanitiser on the market!"
So as you can guess I have been covering my hands in this daily and to know that its free of any nasty stuff is so amazing!  I think hand sanitisers are essential in winter so if your looking for a new one I would urge you to give this a go.  You can buy it from HERE

I hope you liked my list of all the newish things I've been loving this winter so far!