How To Get Big Bouncy Curls


So I thought I would do a little quick and easy tutorial on how to achieve a big, bouncy and messy curl that can be worn day or night.

I have naturally curly hair that is super thick and I love wearing it natural most days, like you see in my posts on here but sometimes when I fancy a little change or want my curl to look a little more pulled together and 'done' then I do this.  I love it as its a slightly tighter curl than my natural curl pattern but its still really big and gives your hair so much volume.

I never use any kind of hold sprays or creams to keep my curls in because the texture of my hair is quite course and it keeps the style in all day on its own but if you have hair that doesn't hold a curl well or thinner hair then I would definitely spray hair spray or a hold spray on your hair and that should make your curl set in place all day!

The two products above are the only two things I used. 
I had this same Babyliss curling wand in black since I was about 13 up until before the summer when it just gave up working.  I had used it so much and I probably could have done with a new one years ago but I loved it.  It's my favourite sized barrel, the 32mm to 19mm but because its a little wider than the normal ones its harder to find and the only place I could see it for sale was amazon so I repurchased it again the other month in pink and its just as amazing as my old one.

The second thing I used was my Tangle Teezer* this is my new one, its the Lulu Guinness design and its a compact one so it has a little bit you clip over the bristles to keep them clean and safe in your handbag if your taking it out with you but other than that its no different to my other Tangle Teezers I've had.  They are hands down my favourite brushes and the only thing that doesn't tug at my curly hair and also the only thing that doesn't make my natural curls frizzy either. I always use a Tangle Teezer to brush out and blow out any curly hair style I do as I love how gentle it is on the curl pattern but also loosens up the curl, I would recommend them whatever type of hair you have.

So on to the mini tutorial....

 Step One - I section off my hair so I make a line around the back of my head from ear to ear and the hair above the line I put in a hair bobble and tie away and I concentrate on the hair underneath first.  I didn't photograph this because I only do it because my hair is thick and long.  If your hair is shorter then I wouldn't bother.

Step Two - Take a medium size amount of hair and curl round the wand from the base to the top away from your face. You want to take quite big chunks of hair at a time as then you will get a looser curl and it will give you that volume, don't be picky about trying to make all the curls look the same you want some thicker and thinner, it adds to the look.
It's important if you want your curl to be the same shape as mine that you have to wind the hair around the wand away from your face on both sides of your hair, so on the right side of your head you will put the hair round the wand clockwise and the left side you will do it anti-clockwise.  Hold the hair on the wand for around a few seconds and then just release the curl leaving it to hang.  After you've finished the bottom section you can untie the top of your hair and continue until its all done.

Step Three - You will hit this stage and be all like ''seriously, I've sat for half an hour curling my hair to look like this" which is what my face is trying to convey to you in these photos haha! Don't worry as this is definitely not the finished look.  A top tip though from me is let you hair cool down at this stage, give yourself a couple of minutes after finishing curling your hair to let the heat set in your hair, this will make sure your curl stays in longer.  Wait a few minutes then move on to the next step...

Step Four - Get your tangle teezer and from root to tip brush your hair.  Do it slowly and gently so you don't pull at your curls too much.  You won't see much difference at first but once you've brushed you whole hair out, turn your head upside down and brush the underside of your hair the same way, then shake your hands through it. Once you've done that and turned yourself up the right way, your hair will be big and bouncy and your curl much, much looser.  You can lightly go over the top of your hair more with the tangle teezer if you want to break up the curl a little bit more. 

Step Five - Get your phone out and take a picture of your new pretty hair for instagram....jokes jokes OK that step is optional but that's you done.
 If you want to spray something in your hair to hold it in place do that now.  I would only advice a spray as anything else will be too heavy and take away the volume.  Also this hairstyle is very frizz inclusive.  I love frizzy curls I think it makes them look so much more natural, relaxed and just so much more wearable and that's why I love this messy look but if you don't like frizzy, then skip the turning your head upside down step and once yourstyle is sitting the way you want it run a light weight no-frizz serum through the mids to ends of your hair and that will leave you with the volume but calm the frizz.

I hope so much that this inspires you to give the messy curls a go!  Let me know if you recreate it and how you get on!