Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Oil Review


This is stuff of dreams....
Seriously if you love the glowing, highlighted look that I am obsessed with, then you need this in your life, it is just beautifulness in a bottle.

This is basically an all over body highlight, you can put it from your face to your toes.  It has a really, really intense glow.  There is no glitter, no little particles but just a really strong but beautiful glow and reflective shine.  The liquid itself is a really pigmented gold colour.  Cocoa Brown, who make the product are a tanning brand, but this product isn't a tanning product it's more like body make-up, a wash on, wash off type of thing.  The product states that you can either apply this over either fake tanned skin for a really strong glow or natural skin for a more dewy appearance.
I've tried it both ways and personally I feel that because I am so pale, on my skin without fake tan on  the strong gold colour of the product makes me look a little metallic rather than golden, but when I've used it on my tanned skin it was the most stunning glow and the gold in the product just brought out my tan more. So for me its definitely something I use only when I have tan on or a full face of makeup rather than just Au natural but if you have darker skin than me I'm sure it would look so insanely pretty on you without fake tan.

If you've ever admired the Kardashian's glow in all their instagram posts then chances are it was this that they had on as they are big fan's of it and that's actually where I first saw the product and I just knew I needed to bathe myself in it haha! I've tried a lot of body shimmering type products ove rthe years and I have to say this is untouchable compared to the rest, it just looks really luxe and stunning on the skin.

This will be you BFF over the festive period.  My favourite places to use it are on my cheekbones (super lightly though), along my collarbone, down the tops of my arms and down the front of my legs just remember to blend it all in super well and also leave it a good few minutes to dry so it doesn't transfer onto your clothes.

This really is a lovely and super pretty product that I know I will be using so much over Christmas time!

Buy the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Dry Oil* from Superdrug for £9.99

P.S. It is a dry oil but with the texture and consistency of a light watery liquid cream rather than an oil, there is no grease or sticky/slimy oily feeling to your skin.