How To Get Started With Essential Oils


So when I decided to go plant based (You can read my post HERE) I done a ton of research about that lifestyle and how it could help my health and wellbeing, through all that research I was introduced to so many other natural ways of living too.  I found out so much about so many other things that might be affecting my health negatively like toxic makeup and beauty products, to medicines that might actually be doing more harm than good to my body.

I really did start out just wanting to find out as much as I could about how to heal myself and my body with food but so many other things kept popping up again and again and as much as I really just wanted to concentrate my journey on learning how to change to a plant based diet I felt that I had heard too many things along the way that I couldn't ignore what might be affecting other aspects of my life too, so I thought heck if your going as natural as possible with your food why not go the whole way and try and make the rest of your life as natural too.

So that's the plan, the very, very slow moving but still a plan, plan  My aim is to try and make all the things that I put on my body, makeup, skincare etc as natural as possible but that is a long way away.  I am bit by bit replacing certain products I own with more natural versions when they run out but I have a ton of products that I love and I'm not willing to give them up until I find an equally as good alternative so that's where I'm at just now.  My current aim is to make the switch to natural things that I use constantly, deodorant, skincare etc and the makeup can come after that as I don't wear it everyday. I will definitely keep you guys updated on this aspect of my more natural lifestyle and whenever I find new more natural products that I love I will share them with you but you will still definitely be seeing more non-natural makeup around here until my supplies run dry anyway haha!

Something that I have been concentrating on the most though lately is bringing in a way to use more natural remedies in my life rather than having to take as much 'normal' medicines.  Obviously if your really sick and you need antibiotics or painkillers or anything you've got to take them but I'm talking more on a basic level like having a bit of a headache, sore throat, those types of things.  Normally I would just let mines go and end up with a full blown flu and have to get some medicine from the doctor which again these things happen and can't be helped but I feel like bringing in more natural remedies in my life has really cut down the amount of 'traditional' medicines that I've had to take.

One thing that I have been really into lately is essential oils.  Essential Oils kept cropping up in my research on living a more natural life, they can be used for your health, your home, your beauty routines.  The list really is endless.

One thing I would say though if your thinking of starting to use essential oils is really, really do your research.  Oils are super powerful and if used in the wrong way can be really harmful and dangerous to you and your health so you really have to read up on what will work for you and what won't.  I am no way an expert at using them at all but I am really loving learning about them and how they work for me and I wanted to share with you how I am using them.

For me I felt the easiest way for me to be introducing essential oils into my life was diffusing them.  Its super easy and affordable and also works in exactly the way I'm comfortable using oils at the moment in my life.  My skin as you guys know is super sensitive and I just felt like I'm not at the stage where I want to use the oils directly on my skin yet (also not all oils can be used on your skin without being diluted).  Diffusing works by putting a mix of water and essential oils into your diffuser, it then blows small, light puffs of the oil into the air, as the air diffuses into the room, you gradually inhale it and it goes directly into your body and you then feel the effects.  It's super relaxing.

I really wanted to use oils for when I am low on energy, super tired, to keep me feeling calm and peaceful and especially when I'm feeling run down or a bit fluey so as I knew exactly what I wanted from my oils I went about googling which ones would help me and these are what I bought.

Cedarwood - This has always traditionally been known as a man's scent.  Its super masculine smelling which I love so much, it smells like a beautiful cologne.  This oil is known as a very calming oil to help with anxieties and stresses of everyday life.  It also has antiseptic and astringent properties.  This one is perfect for diffusing even on its own, perfect if your having a lovely relaxing bath and its so calming.

Ylang Ylang - This to me is the smell that every single beauty salon/spa smells like.  That really iconic luxury spa smell will always be Ylang Ylang to me.  This is also a very calming oil, it de-stresses you and can also help lower your blood pressure and calm you down.  It is very sweet and I personally find it best when its diffused with at least another one or two oils.  This and cedarwood together before bed will give you the best nights sleep.

Orange Oil Sweet- This is a mood-boosting oil.  This is the one I got to give me energy and a pick me up when I need it.  It can lift your mood and give you a 'wide awake' feeling.  It is also meant to be an immune system booster so it can help when your feeling like you are coming down with a cold or sore throat so to me this one is essential for coming into winter time.

Lavender - Ah this was the first oil I knew I had to get.  It's one of the most commonly used essential oils for beauty and health and I knew I just needed it in my life.  It's funny as I really have never 'loved' the smell of lavender but I actually really, really love it when its diffused with other oils I think for me it really is the Queen of oils and gives me the most amazing calming, sleepy feeling after I have diffused it.  This oil has had clinical trials done on it that proved it helps with reducing anxiety and sleep struggles.

Oils are can be expensive and some way more expensive than others and I knew I wouldn't be able to afford a ton so like I said I found out which ones would help with what I wanted them for and which ones I could use together to make special blends in the diffuser which is what I do with the ones above.  I can not wait to buy more I already know what I want the next ones to be and I'm excited to try out other blends.  I can't tell you how much these oils have helped me and I have just loved using them and learning all about them.

You can buy oils from loads of places but you need to make sure they are 100% pure.  Like I said I wanted to find the cheapest ones I could afford whilst still getting amazing quality and after a lot of googling I found Buff & Butter, I had never heard of them before but the oils are beautiful and they sell such an array of them at amazing prices that I will definitely be using them again.

I wanted to share all the mixtures and blends I use of my oils with you but I think this post is already pretty long so i'll keep that for another post.

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about my new found love for essential oils and I would love to hear from you if you know of any oils you think I'd like too?

You can buy the oils from HERE (I've linked the individual ones I have above) and I got my Diffuser from Andrew James for £19.99