The Fashion Set - Coffee Table Book Review


The Fashion Set*
"Featuring set design by the creative powerhouses that realise the vision of all the leading international fashion houses, this stunning coffee-table book is a celebration of the magic and majesty of the fashion show. A must for lovers of fashion, theatre, design and luxury."

Given the arrival of London Fashion Week, I thought this would be the most appropriate post for today.  This is a beautiful, luxurious coffee table book that features some of the most stunning fashion week show sets from all around the world.

Every designer you can think of is in the book and you get some really detailed and intricate photos of the shows, sets and designs. 

It's such a brilliant idea for a book as fashion shows seem to have been getting more and more elaborate as the years have went on and the sets have become a spectacle themselves before the clothes even appear. 

Each set that is featured has some information and details about what goes into the show and the inspiration and idea behind it.  I love so many featured in the book but I have to say that the Chanel iconic supermarket set is definitely a favourite of mine, the detail of every bit of the show just seemed immense and spectacular.

You guys know how big I am on coffee table books and my weakness are fashion related ones so I am a really big fan of this.  The whole design and concept of this book is very simple with very limited text and beautiful, bold images. It's perfect.

If you know a fashion lover who is having a birthday soon or you want to give yourself a visual treat then I would recommend this.

You can buy it on Wordery and get free delivery too.