Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Review

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette*

If you've spent any time online within the last month or so it will have been hard for you to have missed the hype around Sleek's Solstice highlighting palette, everyone has been obsessed with it even our queen Jaclyn Hill

As soon as I saw the palette I just thought it looked stunning  but just because of the colour choices in the palette and because of my skin tone I knew that I really wanted to try the Solstice's sister palette which is the Precious Metals one.

Ah honestly it's beautiful, I can't believe what you get for this price.  Sleek as you know is a 'drugstore' brand and is super affordable.  I don't know what has happened though as in the last year or so they have brought their game right up to such a high level and the products they have been bringing out have been so amazing, like the lipgloss I reviewed HERE.

This highlighting palette has 3 cream highlighters and one powder.  There is two gold shades, one rose gold and one more iridescent shade with a gold sheen too it. I know the swatch isn't the best above but I wanted you to see the highlight you get with this rather than the shade as I think that's the most impressive part of the palette. 

I am genuinely blown away by the colour pay off, they really are so pigmented and glowy.  I love the cream highlighters for a more subtle glow and they are great for under powder highlighters too to make them pop.
There is one highlighter in the palette that has flecks of glitter in it and that's the only one that I haven't really used as I'm not a big fan of highlighters with glitter but its good that its there as I know some people like that and I guess it could work nice for an eyeshadow too.

I've been using the powder highlighter as eyeshadow and highlighter and its just so pretty for that.  I actually used it for both in my YouTube Everyday Makeup Routine video which you can have a peek of HERE.

Overall if your looking for a new budget highlighter in your life that is very glowy and gold toned then I think this is the one for you.

You can buy it from Superdrug

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Simplykatsinella said...

Literally need to grab hold of this now!! Your posts make me spend so much money!!