My YouTube channel

So exciting news....I have now got a YouTube channel yah!

It's been something I've been thinking about doing for a while, there has been many times over the past little while where I've had an idea to feature something on my blog and then realised that actually the only way to really show you/explain about the product/book/etc would be to film it so I thought it was about time that I took the plunge and made my very own channel.

It's only a day old so it still needs majorly tweaked for it to look the way I want it too, it's still a work in progress but I'm really excited that I have finally went ahead and started it.

What you can expect from the channel is basically this blog in moving format.  I want to feature some makeup, beauty, fashion, books and some DIY's too. 
I really want my channel to be a more alternative, rustic type channel, nothing will be too glossy and perfect.  I just want to make videos that look awesome and will hopefully make you smile. 

My blog will be staying exactly the same, nothing will be changing and I will still be posting on the same sort of schedule.  I honestly don't know when I will be posting more videos, I want it to be pretty regular but it took me the longest time to film and edit this one so there might be a wait in between them until I get the hang of it more.

I wanted to start with a really fun and simple video - My Everyday Makeup Routine.  When it's summer and the sun brings out all my freckles I tend to go lighter with my makeup and let them shine through so I thought I would show you my sort of more natural makeup and how I achieve that look.

I am not a makeup artist and this is just my simple interpretation of how I wear and use the makeup I feature in the video.

I really hope you enjoy the video, I don't think I have ever had to stare at my face so much in my whole life than when I was editing this for hours, haha! Clearly the editing gene is not in my blood but hopefully with practise I will get much better.

So without further ado please enjoy my first ever video (Oh and it would be uh-mazing if you subscribe to my channel too and then you will be kept up to date when ever I post a new video)

P.S Watch it in 1080p!