Lotil Review

Lotil Original Cream* - Boots
Lotil Foot Cream* - Amazon
Lotil Lip Balm* - Amazon
As you know if you've read my blog for a while I have super dry and dehydrated skin, so I am constantly searching for things that will helps hydrate and soothe my skin.  One of the brands that I always saw written about on my many Google marathons to find a new wonder product for my skin was Lotil. 
It's a brand that has been around for over 100 years and is a go to for a lot of people who have problematic skin so I was so excited to finally be able to try some of their products.

Here is a little bit of info straight from the brand about their products and what they are good for....

- Softens & helps heal and prevent chapped, cracked and dry damaged skin. (Anywhere on the body).
- Powerful emollients rapidly rehydrate
- Antibacterial & anti fungal ingredients help reduce any infection
- Helps stop cuts and broken skin from stinging
- Non greasy and rapidly absorbed
- Can help combat athletes foot
- Soothes skin after shaving
- Soap replacement for sufferers of very dry skin conditions
- Antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic
- Recommended by pharmacists, dermatologists, podiatrists & chiropodists.
I wanted to make sure I included all that as I think these products will really make such a difference to you if you have troubled or dry skin.  I don't suffer from psoriasis  or eczema myself but I've seen a lot of reviews from people online saying that this helped those conditions a lot for them. So its always something to keep in mind if your looking for a product to help with things like that too.
I love the foot cream, it's really thick but not greasy.  I would say its more like a sort of paste for your feet rather than cream and it rubs in so quick and easy.  In the summer I sort of become anti shoes and basically live in bare feet inside and out so as summer comes to a close my feet always look well worn so this has been an absolute dream for me.  I find it works great after I use this as well to really keep my feet super smooth and soft.
The lip balm is so creamy and soft.  I haven't used it very often on my lips because I tend to only use pawpaw on them as that is my all time favourite but I have used the lip balm on the sides of my mouth and around it as that's where I get so dry especially when I've been out in the sun and its really helping that.
But my favourite product from the brand so far has got to be the original cream the OG.  It's basically a do-everything type of cream.  I use it on my hands and dry patches of skin around my body and it's amazing.  I have taken no reaction and my skin seems to just soak it in.  My favourite way to use it lately has been with my self tan, I go over my elbows/wrists/knees and ankles with this just before I put my tan on and it's helping my tan look so much better and dark elbows and knees are now a thing of the past for me, yah!
My skin goes so terribly red and sore after I epilate or shave so I am definitely going to try putting this on my legs after I do that now, I can't believe I didn't know I could use it for that until I read that info above.  I am so excited to try it for that as I have honestly been looking for something to help with that for years.....
If like me your skin is in need of a lot of moisture I would really urge you to give this a go, I think you will really love these products especially the original cream!
Let me know if your a fan of Lotil too.
P.s You can also buy this from Superdrug and loads of local pharmacies too and its only a couple of pounds which is such a bonus!