My Plant Based Store Cupboard Essentials

If you read THIS post that I wrote a few weeks ago, then you will know I've had a big lifestyle overhaul and went plant based with my diet for health reasons.
I've been eating this way for a while now and one of the biggest things for me when I was getting started was that I had to completely flip my store cupboard on it's head, I basically didn't have one ingredient that I needed to start eating like the way I wanted so I had to start from scratch which I really struggled with at the start.  I had no idea what to buy or where to buy all these new ingredient's but after a lot of googling, trial and lots of error I finally have my store cupboard basics down and they for me are the basis of my everyday eating. 
This is what I needed when I first stared eating like a sort of cut out and keep list so I thought that maybe it might help some of you who are changing up your diet or going plant based too.

Just a side note before I list the products, I have tried ordering these products from quite a few places online as no where near me stocks them all and Planet Organic is by far the cheapest and best for everything I buy.  The delivery is amazing and a really great price too I think its around £3.50 and I normally get the biggest box of food delivered and they never charge more.  I really can't recommend it enough if your looking for similar foods and they deliver nearly everywhere, I mean they are based in London and I'm in Glasgow so its pretty awesome.  I will link to Planet Organic mostly in this post but also mention where else you can get the item too!

So here we go....

1.  Amisa Gluten Free Porridge Oats - All porridge is Gluten free so there is no reason you to have to buy this certain brand but if you have celiac disease or just an intolerance to Gluten like I have then you can buy certified Gluten Free oats which means they have been made and packaged in a factory where no gluten is present. Porridge has a protein called avenin in it, which is similar to gluten, but most people who are allergic/intolerant to gluten are normally ok with this, the problem is a lot of brands of porridge are made in factories that make things like cereal and that has gluten in it so cross contamination can occur and cause people problems when they eat it.  I personally find other brands irate my stomach and digestion.  Also I have tried a lot of different types of porridge and this by far tastes the best to me.  So creamy and soft.

2.  Quinola- If your new to quinoa its a gluten free seed (often confused with being a grain as its cooked, eaten and treated in the same way grains are) it's a complete protein so for me it's essential in my diet as it has so much goodness, vitamins and minerals too.  I love the taste of Quinoa and find it super yummy and filling.  A lot of people complain about it being bland but I really love simple food.  I have tried many different brands of Quinoa and personally do not think the are all equal in taste at all.  This is my favourite brand I literally buy it in bulk, so smooth and no bits of grit in it which is common in some other brands I've tried.  I love this stuff so much!  If Planet Organic has sold out then I put an order in for it on Amazon as they sell it for a good price too. P.s It used to be called Alice & Oscar's they just seem to have rebranded lately.

3. Rude Health Almond Drink - I love Rude Health as a brand and I actually buy a lot of things from them, like snacks and other bits and bobs.  They are such a great brand and again this for me is the best Almond Milk (drink) that there is.  A lot of Almond milk that is sold actually has a lot of not great ingredient's in it and definitely things I don't want to be drinking but this is the purest of the pure with just rice, almond paste and oil.  It tastes very sweet and nothing like milk so don't let the name put you off!  My local Tesco stocks this now, they never have many but I try and buy it from there if I'm not ready to do a Planet organic order yet.

4.  Clarks Pure Canadian Maple Syrup- I had never tried maple syrup in my life until I stared eating like this and now I love it.  The sweetest, richest taste, its just lovely.  I use this as the main sweetener in all my snacks and even my breakfast if I'm pushing the boat out haha! This is the first time I have tried this brand as I usually get this one from planet organic which is just beautiful but so expensive.  I found this in my local asda for cheap and thought I would give it a go.  If your buying maple syrup  check the ingredient's as you want it to be 100% pure with no other ingredient added.

5.  Coconut - I use coconut all the time, its always been one of my favourite tastes in the world and its such a great natural sweetener to all kinds of food.  I always try and have some on my porridge in the morning.  Who would think though that it would be so hard to buy pure dessicated coconut but it is.  I bought so many other ones and they all had added ingredient's and really hurt my stomach but this one is perfect for me and lasts ages.

6.  Biofair Rice Quinoa Spaghetti - Ahh this haunts me as its never in stock anywhere and don't even talk to me about the Biofair pasta its like golddust you can never get your hands on it.  So pasta has always been my favourite ever thing to eat since I was wee and the hardest thing for me changing to this diet was giving up pasta as every gluten/dairy/wheat free alternative I tried was, well awful.  I know some people love the taste but it just wasn't for me. So I couldn't believe it when I tried this one and newsflash IT TASTES JUST LIKE NORMAL SPAGHETTI yes its that important it needs Caps on.  This has the exact same taste, the only difference is the aftertaste is a bit more tangy but that can be covered up with sauces.  But the boxes they sell this stuff in are teeny so again I have to buy it in bulk when I find it. But I seriously can't recommend it enough...

7.  Lentil Chips - These are my favourite crisps ever.  I could eat them all day long (although I don't I promise) They taste so crazy good and are basically just made of lentils.  They are perfect for snacking on. You can also buy these from Holland & Barrett but are never in stock in my local one.

8.  Tahini - This is sesame paste.  It tastes pretty strong on its own but I like it.  I never eat it without mixing it with other things though and it's the basis of most of my salad dressings and sauces.  Such a really lovely creamy taste.  I got this one from Asda and most supermarkets tend to sell this now too. P.s If you have the option of light or dark Tahini, I always go for the light as its a less intense bitter taste but both are great it's just whatever works for you.

9.  Gram Flour - This can also be called Chickpea flour and Besan flour.  Its gluten free and its amazing. I make the tastiest pizzas and breads with this.  Its so quick to use as it cooks so fast and this brand of it is amazing, I always try and buy Doves Farm for all flours.  If your Gluten free and looking for a flour I would really urge you to give it as go, its really good!

10. Biona Almond Butter - So I don't like nuts, I never have, I don't like the taste at all.  This has been something I have been tackling head on, my nut dislike since I started eating like this as you will find nearly every recipe calls for some form of nut butter.  I have realised that actually its pretty crucial in snacks to give you that injection of energy you need and I have got the hang of sort of concealing the taste which I'm happy about.  I know a lot of people sit and just eat this out of the jar as they love the taste but urgh I just cant imagine anything worse haha!

11.  Medjool Dates - This is another must if your making any snacks.  They are so sweet, chewy and give a lot of snacks a type of caramel flavour which I adore.  I personally don't love the taste of these on their own but my mama could easily sit and eat this whole pack and I know a lot of people love to just snack on them as they are.  I got these from Tesco. 

12.  Vanilla Extract - Obsessed by vanilla, if I could I would put this in all my food, not even joking that's how much I love it.  I put this in drinks, snacks, porridge, the list is really endless.  Don't get caught out like I did in thinking extract and essence are the same thing.  Essence is the chemically made version that you don't want in your life. Extract is real and all natural. This is expensive but lasts ages.

13.  Popping Corn - Ah I love this, I seriously get so much joy just watching it pop in a pan haha!  This is popcorn.  It's the best snack ever and seriously blending the medjool dates and maple syrup together then pouring it over the hot popcorn, its uh-mazing! You just put a handful in some oil (I use coconut) and it takes a few minutes under a lid to cook and then you have your very own popcorn.

14.  Cacao Powder - This again is a must for snack making and also this plus the almond milk and a little maple syrup makes the best hot chocolate and will be the only thing i'll be drinking this winter.  This again is expensive to buy but lasts so long. This brand is also a favourite of mine.  Basically this is chocolate with none of the not great stuff in it. It's raw cold-pressed unroasted cocoa beans that keeps all the good stuff in and doesn't add any processed ingredients in it like chocolate bars have. I personally don't use a ton of this though as it's so strong and really does give you a proper kick so that's just something to be aware of.

Ahh so longest post ever but I really hope this might help some of you.  I have realised as I was writing this I've left out coconut oil and chickpeas which is annoying as basically my favourite thing to eat in life are chickpeas, I honestly would say roasted chickpeas with a little Himalayan salt is my favourite thing in life. I know Rock 'n' freakin' roll guys... haha!

This is obviously my store cupboard basics and doesn't include fruit and veg so I think I will do another post on my weekly fruit and veg buys to go along with this if you guys would like...

I hope you enjoy and let me know what your favourites are?

P.S All of these products are Gluten, wheat, diary and refined sugar free at the time of writing. But if you have allergies or intolerance's please do double check to make sure they are compatible with your diet.