Yellow Jacket



Choker – ASOS
Top – ASOS
Jeans – New Look
Boots – ASOS (In the sale still)
Jacket* – Trespass

So who knew photographing a bright yellow jacket would be so hard.  It seems to be looking a little neon in these pictures which it definitely isn’t in real life.  Its super bright but not hurts-your-eyes type bright if you know what I mean haha!

A little while ago the awesome people over at Trespass got in touch with me to see if I would like to try any of their products and as soon as I saw this jacket I knew I had to have it in my life.  I have wanted a yellow jacket for so long; I think there is something so nice about wearing a mass pop of colour in winter.  So even though we are still currently in summer (though it really doesn’t feel like it) I took the opportunity that a really dull, grey and rainy day gave me last week to take some photos of me wearing this as I thought it would look a little weird me rocking it on a sunny day!  Although as you can tell I'm actually squinting in most of the photos as it got so bright halfway through taking these so, sorry if it looks like I'm sort of giving you a side-eyed glare through your screen haha!

If you not familiar with Trespass, they are a hub of everything you need for being outdoors, clothes, camping gear, festival must haves, anything you can think of, they have it.  So this jacket isn’t just a pretty yellow jacket it's like for professional outdoor types! It's waterproof and has taped seams so that they don’t let in moisture if it’s really wet.  It is longer in length to cover you and keep you nice and warm, it has breathable membrane technology fabric which means that no matter how hot you might get wearing it, you won’t sweat in it.

I’ve never had a high-tech sort of jacket like this before with all its fancy fabrics, I sort of feel like I could probably climb a mountain in it which I will never do but I guess it’s always nice to have a jacket in case the event of mountain climbing ever arises in my life haha!  For me I will be wearing this all through our crazy, cold winters here in Scotland and it will be such a nice change wearing something that looks like this rather than a big ole' parka which is what I normally have to wear on super cold days here!

I paired it with an all black outfit as I love the contrast of the colours.  I am still majorly in love with this belt from ASOS that i'm wearing in the photos, I can’t get enough of it and I have well and truly jumped on the choker bandwagon and bought this little black velvet beauty from ASOS too!

You can but this jacket from Trespass and it’s actually now in the sale too, which is a bonus, yah!