Urbanista San Francisco Headphones


As you guys will know from reading my blog I love music.  And there is nothing worse than listening to your favourite songs through tinny headphones or speakers.  Buying headphones is always something I find a chore as it's been so hit or miss for me in the past.

I used to have a pink pair of Coloud headphones which I loved so much but then all the plastic started flaking off on to my face and hair when I wore them which was so super attractive, so they had to go. Then I bought a couple of cheap ones that just never worked and I have been using these Sony ones for a long time now and I really like them, they are pretty comfy on my head and the sound is good, not as good as the Coloud ones but still nice and they were a really great price too.

So when Urbanista* got in touch to see if I would like to have a play around with their new San Francisco headphones I jumped at the chance.

First off these are just so damn pretty.  They are pink and they have the cutest pattern all down the strands.  The cables are a really strong, shiny plastic and so far have never gotten tangled with me, I don't know if these could ever really tangle as the strand is too tough I think to really twist round itself which is always a bonus right?

The little ear buds are a sort of oval shape and fit in my ear really nice, they are quite big so I don't get that irrational fear that they will fall in my ears and I won't get them out (I know, I know but I did say it was irrational but I am so sure I saw an episode of ER when I was little and this happened hence the fear) they also have a soft type plastic coating on them that makes them feel a little squidgy and nice to wear.

I was really impressed by the quality of the sound, it has a really pure clearness to it and no tin sound at all thankfully.  The bass really booms through these which is always pretty impressive for in ear headphones.

I have been using these now instead of my Sony ones as they are just so small and compact to carry around and also so much more comfy to wear when I'm sunbathing too so they are great for taking on holidays.

I am such a fan of these and am so happy I finally have a pair as I had my eyes on them for so long but was just scared to take the plunge and try them as I didn't know what to expect with the quality but I really, really like them.  Also for the price, you are getting such good quality.

You can buy them on Urbanista for £19 and they come in a whole range of colours.

P.S. Yes that is me listening to my ipod in these pictures and no you haven't travelled back in time to 2001, I just like to keep it vintage ok people....haha!

P.P.S. Yes I also am dressed as an extra from a nineties club classic rave music video in these pictures and no I don't know why either....