Sleek Lip Gloss Review


I think dark lipstick looks amazing on so many people, so striking and beautiful but on me I've just never found that perfect shade, I always felt they just don't suit my skin colour and make my lips look teeny but finally I've found one that I really love.
I think the difference is the pigment in this colour seems more purple based than red based and I'd never tried one like that before.  On my lips it gives a sort of aubergine/dark deep red colour  depending on which light I'm in. 
I think the reason why I've gotten on so well with this shade is because its a gloss, being glossy it makes my lips look way bigger and every other dark shade made my lips look smaller as that's just naturally what a dark lip shade will do so by this being glossy it totally counterbalanced that.
For being a gloss the colour is very, very pigmented.  I was really shocked by how much colour pay off you get on your lips and you can just layer how ever much you want on to get a darker or lighter colour.
I am so, so happy that I have found a dark lip colour that I love and is super wearable day and night.  I kept the rest of my makeup really simple as you can see in the photos and I think that's the key to working a dark lip during daytime too!
This colour is from Sleek in the shade Phoenix Rising* and its £4.99
P.s. I know a lot of people like to know about what lipsticks/lip glosses smell like as strong smells can be quite off putting.  This one has zero smell, nothing at all and also don't be put off by the glitter you can see in the swatch, there is definitely glitter in it but more to just reflect and give shine rather than look glittery!