New Products That I have Been Loving...


So I thought for today's post I would do a little roundup of a few new things I have been trying the past few months that are ideal for summertime and give you my thoughts on them, so here we go...

1.  Gisela Graham Body Wash* - This is the home ware brand Gisela Graham's first venture into beauty products.  Waitrose are the exclusive carriers of this range which features hand wash, body wash and bath foam which all come in two different scents. This one is in Summer Meadow which the website describes as "Peony Blooms, an enchanting summery floral fruity fragrance with Peony and Red Apple top notes, a heart of Rose, Jasmine and Gilly flower and a warm base of Musks and Patchouli."  Its smells so fresh and floral! This is such beautiful packaging and I definitely think this range would look beautiful and fancy sitting in your bathroom.  This is a must buy for you if you like a really complex floral smell!  Also the whole range is on offer right now on Waitsrose's website.

2.  Madame LaLa West Coast Face Tan - You all know how much I have been loving my Madame LaLa body tan (You can read my post on it HERE) i'ts the most perfect colour for my skin and I have been desperate to try the face tan for a while now.  As you guys know who have been reading my blog for a while I have super sensitive skin and I have never found a fake tan that doesn't cause an allergic reaction on my face so I was a bit hesitant to try this.  The tan is the exact same colour as the body tan in light that I use and it smells just as nice of coconuts too.  The first time I wore this on my face it did feel a bit tight and a little bit itchy too which are my tell tale signs that I might take a reaction but it didn't come to anything thankfully.  The next time I used it I made sure to not put much over or around my eye area and I didn't experience any of the tightness and that's what I've been doing ever since and I am so happy that I can finally use a face tanner!  I love this so much and can't recommend the whole range enough to you! Also just a tip Superdrug are currently having a half price sale on the brand and you can buy this for £11.49 down from £24.99 and the body tan is now £14.99 down from £24.99 so bargains all round!

3.  Delph After sun Gel*  - I've been loving this for after I've sitting in the sun.  Because my skin is so sensitive it can feel quite burny and hot after being in the sun even with a super high factor on so this cooling gel is just lovely to put on after you come out the shower and it totally calms my skin down.  It smells so nice too!

4.  Dentek Floss Picks and Case* - This is just perfect for taking away with you on your holidays.  Let's be honest flossing your teeth isn't the most glamorous thing in the world but we all have to do it and this little pack makes it so easy.  I find these Dentek floss picks so much easier to use than the normal floss that you buy.  I love this little case too as it keeps the floss clean and its so easy to carry around in your bag to avoid that awkward food in teeth moment haha!  I also tried the whitening pack which I loved too and it all has a really nice taste too it, very fresh and minty too!

5.  Frezyderm Sensitive Red Skin Facial Cream* - "This award-winning soft cream regulates and reverses the symptoms of rosacea and sensitive irritated skin. The formula’s active ingredients reduce the appearance of redness, spider veins, inflammation, blackheads and swelling. The cream provides hydration, while enhancing the skin’s protective barrier and activating the function of the skin. It soothes and relieves irritated skin leaving it feeling elastic and comfortable. Its anti-acne, anti-wrinkle and antioxidant properties mean it is suitable for all ages." I wanted to include the description from their website above as this cream seems to be able to help so many different skin conditions that I wanted to make sure I included them all.  I gave this cream to my sister to have a try of it as she has Rosacea which is one of this biggest things it says this cream can help and dramatically reduce the appearance of and I wanted her to try it so I could give it a fair review.  Just before she started using it she felt her skin starting to flare and become red so I thought this was the perfect time to see if this could help her.  Straight away she noticed a difference in redness and in texture.  She said that she felt her skin slightly dryer after using it at first but just compensated that with some heavier moisturiser at night.  She is really enjoying using it and it hasn't broke her out or given her any type of reaction and is definitely helping the redness and symptoms of her rosacea so I think I can definitely give this a big thumbs ups.  If you struggle with any of the things that the cream says it can help with like, redness, inflammation, irritated skin then I would definitely think this one might be for you. 

I hope you enjoyed that little round up of some new things I've been trying over the summer!
Let me know what your favourite new products are?