Leave Her Wild

When I took these pictures I discarded them all, I thought they looked silly and not 'perfect' enough.  Whatever that means.
I was laughing and dancing in most of them and the outcome was blurry and fuzzy and too close or too dark or too light or too strange. I couldn't use them.
But today when I was looking through my photos to put up a different post I came across them again and they made me smile and then I realised, isn't that what its about. A photo is meant to make you feel something, right? And these make me feel happy, I feel I look wild and free in them and I love that.
 I always thought I was pretty far removed from believing that  whole 'everything has to look instagramable' vibe but I guess no one is really immune from it, even when we think we are.
So I decided to post these anyway as a reminder to no one but myself to remember how much I love when things don't always look 'perfect' because let's face it, none of us thankfully are.
I hope you enjoy these imperfectly perfect shots...

Title is from an Atticus quote


laura said...

I love these, there's something so endearing about them! x