Book Review Round-Up


So I normally love to do single book reviews on here but today I thought I would do something a little bit different.  Because in summer time I get through so many good books I want to make sure I can tell you about them all so I thought I would do a little book bundle/haul review so you could hear about more than 1 book per week from me.
So here we go....

1.  She Just Can't Help Herself* by Ollie Quain -
"With her hot job on a style magazine, cool wardrobe, attitude to match and a cat called Kat Moss – Ashley is fashion. However, beneath the Photoshopped fabulousness she’s on a downward spiral; (not) dealing with rising debts, insurmountable problems in her relationship and growing dread over a rival at work.
…but one woman knows the truth.
As kids, Tanya Dinsdale – nicest of natures, nasty shoes – was Ashley’s best friend. But the darkest of betrayals in their teens made them the worst of enemies. It’s taken Tanya more than a decade to get over what happened. Her future is finally looking good. So, the last person either would want to see is the other. Then their adult worlds collide…"

This book was really different to what I thought it would be, I think I thought it would be all light and summery which it is but it also has a really good edge to it too.  I liked how the story really surprised me in places.  This book felt very current, the language and words were all very 2016 if you know what I mean and its been a long time since I read a book that felt very now.  Sometimes things like that can come off a bit cringe but I think this really worked, it didn't feel forced and it also felt that's how the characters would naturally talk.  This is a great beach read especially if you love The Devil Wear Prada type books.
You can buy this on Wordery and get free delivery too.

2.  The Singles Game* - Lauren Weisberger
Sweeping from Wimbledon to the Caribbean, from LA to mega yachts in the Med, The Singles Game is a brilliantly entertaining romp through a world where the stakes are high – and no-one plays by the rules.
When Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Silver makes a pact with the devil, infamously brutal tennis coach Todd Feltner, she finds herself catapulted into a world of stylists, private parties and secret dates with Hollywood royalty.
Under Todd it’s no more good-girl attitude: he wants warrior princess Charlie all the way. After all, no-one ever won by being nice.
Celebrity mags and gossip blogs go wild for Charlie, chasing scandal as she jets around the globe. But as the warrior princess’s star rises, both on and off the court, it comes at a high price. Is the real Charlie Silver still inside?

I can't even tell you how excited I was to read this book. I actually heard about it at the end of last year and I just couldn't wait for the date to roll around until I could get my hands on a copy. I'm the biggest Lauren Weisberger fan, I've read all her books and loved them all, they are my favourite type of holiday read. If you haven't checked out her past releases and you love a good RomCom then you need to go check them out.
So not only am I her biggest fan but I'm also the biggest Tennis fan too, like obsessed seriously, any kind of tennis match I can set my eyes on I am there watching it.  I know far to much useless tennis player knowledge but if you ever need me for a quiz, I'm your gal.  So when I found out that two of my biggest loves books and tennis were coming together I was so happy. 
But honestly I feel a little let down by it, just a little but I felt I really had to mention it.
Maybe it was because my hopes were too high or maybe it's just because I don't think it necessarily matches up to Lauren's past books.  Lauren is such a great writer and I do always enjoy reading her words so much but the story just didn't work for me.
If I'm being honest one of the biggest problems for me was the tennis aspect which is weird as that's the part I thought I would love the most.  I mean, I know its fiction and its not meant to be real life or  able to even happen in real life but I felt like I spent half the book saying to myself 'but that just wouldn't/couldn't happen in tennis' and that sort of derailed the book for me.  What I would say if you have a pretty big knowledge of the current tennis world maybe give this a miss as it really makes it hard for you to believe it or become engrossed in the story but if your not too interested or know too much about tennis then as a nice beach read I think you will enjoy it.  Overall if your a fan of Lauren's writing then I would really urge you to still give it a go as even though the story isn't super on point for me I find her writing really superior to a lot of other people who write this genre.
You can buy this on Wordery

3. Tall Oaks* by Chris Whitaker-
"When three-year-old Harry goes missing, the whole of America turns its attention to one small town. Everyone is eager to help. Everyone is a suspect. Desperate mother Jess, whose grief is driving her to extreme measures. Newcomer Jared, with an easy charm and a string of broken hearts in his wake. Photographer Jerry, who's determined to break away from his controlling mother once and for all. And, investigating them all, a police chief with a hidden obsession of his own . . .  "

Ooh so this is such a different book for me, very much like the one below too.  Its definitely not my usual genre not like the two above but I always like to push myself out of my reading comfort zone for my blog sometimes as I think its nice for me to be able to tell you about all different types of books.
What can I say about this other than you probably won't have read a book like it, its so original and captivating and weird and interesting and a really, really great read. 
It's a thriller but also funny with dark humour and its gripping, like really gripping.  It sort of feels like a bit of a classic book in the making, one that you are going to want to pass around your family and friends, you know? 
Because I don't really read this genre much I always like a second opinion on these types of books from someone in the know so I always give them to my mum to read after me.  She loves a thriller, that's really the only genre that she likes to read so she knows her stuff but she also has a very high standard in the books that she reads and it's pretty hard for her to find new authors who she really likes.  And guess what guys she loved this, at first she was like what is this, its so different and then a few chapters in she was completely hooked.  She also said it's like nothing she has read before but in a really good way.  Pretty big praise indeed coming from my mama, haha!
I've heard a lot of rumblings from people saying this might be getting turned into a Tv Show/movie so that would be super exciting.
This is only available on ebook at the moment which you can buy on Amazon but it will be available in paperback on Sep 8th and you can pre-order now on Wordery.

4.  No Turning Back* by Tracey Buchanan
"When radio presenter Anna Graves and her baby are attacked on the beach by a crazed teenager, Anna reacts instinctively to protect her daughter.
But her life falls apart when the schoolboy dies from his injuries. The police believe Anna’s story, until the autopsy results reveal something more sinister.
A frenzied media attack sends Anna into a spiral of self-doubt. Her precarious mental state is further threatened when she receives a chilling message from someone claiming to be the ‘Ophelia Killer’, responsible for a series of murders twenty years ago.
Is Anna as innocent as she claims? And is murder forgivable, if committed to save your child’s life…?"

So to reiterate what I said above thrillers are just not my go-to genre. I'm a proper big scaredy cat and reading/watching anything with any slight hint of sinister undertone sort of freaks me out but again like I said, I really love to push myself and read/watch something outside of my comfort zone now and again. I had heard so much hype and buzz around this book that I genuinely couldn't help myself from reading it.  Long story short if you love a thriller, just buy this book.  Don't even look at what it's about just buy it seriously, I have so much faith that you will love it, haha.
It's scary and gripping and puts you on edge and you think you know whats happening and then you turn the page and your like whattt.  And don't get me started on the twists and turns, I honestly can't write anything else without spoiling it.
 Again I did the mum test and gave this to my mum to read.  This is exactly the type of book my mum buys so I didn't have as high hopes for this one as I did for the one above as the one above is more of an alternative thriller whereas this is straight down the line the type of books she reads so I knew she would have so much to compare it too.
Well fast forward to her staying up till 3 in the morning to finish it and then announcing to me the next day that she didn't guess the ending.  Now I know you don't know my mama but she guesses the ending to everything, it's like her superhuman power or something, every twist or turn in a book or film she's like 'I bet XYZ is the killer' and boom they always are. So for her to say she didn't guess even she was a bit like 'I actually can't believe that happened'.
 She loved it, like really really loved it and we both think you will too!
You can buy this on Wordery now.

So there you have it.  My little bundle of reviews, I know this is a pretty long post but I hope you liked reading about a few different genres at once.  I really enjoyed doing this post so if you liked it, I might start doing little monthly round up of some books like this too. Let me know what you think?