Sunkissed Fake Tan Review


If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll remember that last year I started my search to find my perfect fake tan.

At the time I had dabbled lightly into the faux tan world but I thought it was all too faffy and complicated for me and had never found anything that stayed on or looked nice on my skin.

So fast forward to now and I have tried so many fake tans since that first post and I am now a fully fledged member of the fake tan fan club.

I wear it all the time now and I have found so many that I love and they all work on my super pale skin and just make me look lovely and glowy. And some of them are so quick and easy to apply too.  I've also had my fair share of dodgy ones but the least said about them the better right? haha!

I love reviewing things in different price ranges and a lot of the tans that I have written about are really expensive so I wanted to share a super affordable one with you.

What's it called? - Sunkissed Tan in the shade Medium

How much does it cost? - You can pick it up for around £5.99 but some shops like Superdrug are selling it for £3.99 at the moment.

Will it turn me orange? - No it’s a lovely bronze colour.  It has a dark guide colour that you wait 6 hours at least before you wash off.  I think the colour is so lovely, even though it’s medium it’s not crazy dark at all and I have really pale skin.  I think the colour has a lot more (I wish I could find a better word to use maybe golden?) orange undertones than olive undertones (where as this tan is completely olive based and I'm also wearing it HERE to give you a better idea of how it looks) but don't let that put you off as it doesn't look orange at all on your skin but it really does look like you have been in the sunshine rather than wearing fake tan. It leaves you golden bronzed.  I think the colour this leaves me is pretty similar to the colour I went when I used to wear St Tropez years ago if that helps for reference, it’s that sort of shade/tone that St Tropez use.

How does it stack up against other tans? - Well the obvious is that it doesn't last nearly as long as some of the more expensive tans I've used but at this price I don't know how you could expect it to really.  It says it lasts for around 5 days and I think that's a pretty fair estimate, I would say that’s spot on.  It fades away well too but again not as well as the more expensive ones that I have used.  Colour wise it definitely holds it’s own, I probably like this colour better than a few that I have tried and the mousse consistency of it is super easy to apply (I always use a mitt).

Final thought - I really like this tan, it has a lovely colour, goes on great, doesn't streak when I use the mitt and blends into my skin so well.  I can't fault it and for the price I think it’s such an amazing buy.  I mean, keep in mind you get what you pay for in terms of fading and longevity of the tan and if your wanting you tan to be more olive based I would go for another one but for a tan to give you a bit of colour in the summertime I don't think you could go wrong with this one.

Ooh sidenote - My sister actually bought the Sunkissed Rapid Tan Mousse (Which you can buy from Superdrug for £3.99) which is another tan in this brands range.  She’s wore it now a good few times and even though the texture of the mousse is weird, it’s more like a mousse you eat rather than a hair mousse consistency and you have to rub it in really, really quick and the colour that it goes on is like crazy orange.  When she washed it off after an hour we were so beyond impressed, it was the most beautiful golden colour.  I couldn't believe how pretty it was and it was nothing like the guide colour that sat on her skin for the hour so if you were looking for a quick 1 hour express version of the tan that i used then I would give that one a go but just remember, blend it in QUICK!!!

You can buy this Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse in Medium Bronze for £3.99 on Superdrug  
You can also buy this tan on Sunkissed website, Topshop, Tesco and loads of other places too!


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