OPI Soft Shades Nail Polish Review


As soon as I saw these new pastel shades from OPI I knew I needed them in my life.  I got them for my birthday back in May and have been trying them out ever since.
I am a hardcore Nails Inc fan, its my all time favourite nail polish brand.  I love everything about it, the colours, quality, finish and to be honest nothing I have tried apart from Chanel nail polish which I also thinks amazing, has ever come near to the Nails Inc quality in my eyes.

I have tried a few OPI nail colours in the past and really didn't like them, I was so shocked at how badly the colours went on the nail but I put it down to maybe the type of colours I tried as I know sooo many people are obsessed by the brand, so I went ahead and tried these shades.

So long story short, love the colours, hate the polish.  I am not about putting bad reviews up on my blog but I always want to be honest so that's why I'm sharing my opion about these shades with you guys.

I can not for the life of me work out what I'm missing about OPI.  The quality of these are the exact same as the other OPI shades I've tried.  I have to put 3 coats of colour on, yes 3 coats, to get the slightest even colour and  then as you can see in the above pictures, still at my cuticle the colour is sort of see-through. its just thin and super watery.

I got the mini bottles as I wanted to try the colour out before I committed to the full size bottle and I 100% will not be repurchasing the larger size which is a shame as some of the colours are nice but its honestly not worth the hassle of what you have to go through to get a colour pay-off and definitely not worth the price in my eyes.

I just find the whole experience of using them so un-enjoyable and time consuming and I'm never happy with the result.

A massive plus point though is the wear time. I used my special routine that I wrote about HERE, every time I wore it though so I don't know how much of it is that and how much of it is the nail polish but in both these photos above I have had the polish on for around two weeks and as you can see it's stayed on amazingly well.

The colours really are pretty.  I love the off white shade which I'm wearing in the last picture and the baby blue is just stunning as well which you can see me wearing on my instagram

The colours you get in the pack are-
-It's in the clouds (I'm wearing it in the last photo)
-Stop it I'm blushing! (I'm wearing this in the second last picture, its actually a sort of peach rather than pink. Its nice but a bit blah for me)
- It's a boy (A beautiful baby blue shade)
-This cost me a mint (Green)

I know so many people love OPI  so I know I will be in the really small minority of people who haven't got on well with it.  But if your looking for a some pretty pastel shades and you like OPI then definitely give these a go. If your looking for no fuss, no hassle nail polish then I would steer well clear. 

You can buy this from Nail Polish Direct for £9.95.  They actually have a big sale on that whole range so its worth taking a peek if your a fan of the shades.  I have bought from this site a handful of times in the past few months and I'm super impressed with it. Really good prices too. (FYI not a sponsored post or anything like that,I bought everything with my own money. I just wanted to recommend it to you in case you love nail polish as much as me haha)