Book Review - The Life of Rylan


The Life of Rylan* - Rylan Clark-Neal
"Well hark at you, stumbling upon my autobiography. Bet you wouldn't have put money on that three years ago, eh?! Please don't stress yourself out too much though, it's actually socially acceptable nowadays that you're interested.
Firstly I'd like to emphasise that I have WRITTEN THIS BOOK MYSELF, so be assured you're getting the TOOTH, the WHOLE TOOTH and NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH! (Which was my original choice of title, but babe, we're so over that) This book documents my story, year by year, from my humble beginnings growing up in the East End of London, becoming one of the nation's most talked-about people overnight to finally moving up the spectrum from guilty pleasure, and getting nearer to national treasure. It will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly you'll discover who I really am. If it doesn't do any of those things you're not legally entitled to a refund - just clearing that up ;-). I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This book has been like therapy, and LORD was I in need. Enjoy!"

Ah I love a good autobiography, don't you? I love that you never really know what to expect from them, even if you’re already a fan of the person.  I've read so many and sometimes my opinion on people has been totally flipped on its head of what I thought, in good ways and in bad.  I really like Rylan and was a bit worried reading this in case I felt different after and you know what I do, I feel totally different I went from liking him, always watching his shows and thinking he was really funny and now I love him and I'm pretty sure we should probably be BFF's for life, haha!

No but seriously, I enjoyed this book so much and felt like I came away with such a good understanding of who Rylan is, which to me is the whole point in reading a book from someone, right? It's a chance to sort of get inside their head and see how they see the world and what they think about their life rather than reading it through the eyes of journalists or magazines trying to guess what is going on.

The book is divided into chapters that go in chronological order in life events rather than age.  So it starts off him being young, then school, work, X factor etc rather than focus on his life at every single age.  I liked this and felt like so much of the important stuff was covered that you would want to read about from him.  The book ends in nearly present day, it ends around about when he got married so you really do feel like you get such an up to date view of his life.

One thing I really want to mention is the way it is written.  It says all over the book that Rylan wrote it himself.  Aside from the actual contents of the book I think this is one of my favourite things about it.  Like I've said I've read so many of these autobiographies over the years of so many different types of people and the difference when I read ones clearly written by the person is so remarkable and so much more enjoyable.  I feel like you can actually hear them saying the words, you know what I mean? It really blows my mind why everyone doesn't do this. I mean I get it, maybe they will not all be written like Shakespeare but isn't that the point? Isn’t that what makes these books so much more relatable and authentic, if they are written in a way that the person would talk to you in real life, in the way that they would convey a subject to you? Isn't that the point that you want to hear about their life, from them, in their own actual words?  I just want to give a massive shout out to Rylan for doing that and making his book honestly such a genuinely lovely read.

There were so many times reading this that I just thought to myself, me and Rylan would get on like an absolute house on fire.  Maybe it’s because we are similar in age, maybe it’s because people who grow up in the generation we did will always have similar interests but either way reading about his love for Big Brother and the Spice Girls and b*witched were just like big flashbacks to my own childhood.  I also was that person making up dance routines to Wannabe in the playground at School (FYI I was Baby Spice always, my name being Emma so I was a shoo-in) and staying up late at night to watch Craig win the first ever season on Big Brother. 

Every autobiography I read always teaches me something, whether it be something good or bad about the world or life and this one was no different.  I felt I came away having my faith in fate strengthened.  Reading about Rylan's life and all that he has went through, the ups and downs and seeing where he is now, it’s unavoidable when reading his book to not notice how many things in his life just seemed to be destined to happen.  I won't put any spoilers but it really is just so beautiful when you read it and realise that what's really genuinely for you will not go by you if it’s meant to be in your life and that  is what I took away from this book so thank you Rylan for reminding me of that just when I needed it!

It's a bit different doing reviews of autobiographies on here because at the end of the day if you’re not a fan of Rylan then you won't like this book but if you are and like me are always giggling at him on BBBOTS or This Morning then I really think you will so enjoy this book.  If like me you have watched Big Brother every year and you always root for the good guy/girl to win and always want the kind ones to win over the well the not so kind ones then this really is a story of the good guy winning and sometimes there is just nothing nicer to read than that....

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