Book Review - The Creative Workplace


The Creative Workplace*
"In the creative industries of graphic design, architecture, advertising and digital media, your workspace is a huge statement. It needs to inspire your team, excite clients and firmly cement your aesthetic. 'The Creative Workplace' opens the doors to studios around the world and asks creative people what their workplaces say about them. With brave architectural statements, airy minimalist lofts, and quirky personal touches."

This is one of those books that just even feels nice, you know? Like the hardcover has that sort of luxe texture to it and the pages have that beautiful thick paper feel to them.  The contrasting yellow and turquoise colour that has been used on the front, back and binding is just stunning.  I am all about pretty books and when its a visual coffee table book your buying I think its just perfect that it looks striking and super inviting to read.

As you know if you've read my blog for a while I am the biggest lover of a coffee table book.  I think not only are they normally always classic forever purchases that you cherish and re-read over and over again but I think they also make for the most thoughtful gifts.  Because of my love for books like this I have been gifted so many for birthdays, Christmas etc and I always feel like they are such personal and special gifts that you are able to keep and remember for a long time.

I love home interiors and decorating so if your anything like me then you will just adore this book.  It is a collection of offices and work spaces from around the world.  It is just endlessly inspiring.  I have already marked pages (with a post-it note FYI I don't actually write on my beautiful books haha) with bits that I want to try and use in my own working space.

Each working space comes with a small description and note on where the working space is from and what inspired them to decorate it like that which I loved too.

I really love reading and viewing how other people decorate their space and if your anything like me you probably have a pinterest board dedicated to office spaces so I'm sure you will love this as much as I do.

This is a beautiful book and I really do think it would make a great present for anyone who is also interested in interiors especially quirky ones.

This is another coffee-table book that is going straight into my collection.

You can buy the book on Wordery and get free delivery on your order too and you can also buy it on ROADS website.