The Over-Sized Denim Jacket


Denim Jacket - New Look
Denim Shorts - Glamorous via ASOS (P.S They are in the sale for £12 right now)
Tee - American Apparel

1. I have been wanting a denim jacket for so long.  I was so particular with the kind I wanted though and it was so hard to find the perfect one.  I wanted basically a Levi's trucker jacket, without the crazy price tag.  I found that so many jackets that were billing themselves as that were actually really thin and more like denim shirts. But thankfully I found my perfect one from New Look.  Its proper old school 80's denim, it has lots of  little cuts and holes in it which gives it that more vintage feel and I love how over-sized it is.  I sized up one size to make it even bigger on me too as I really wanted it to be super over-sized and I love the colour too, really washed out looking!

2.  Also like where did Glamorous come from? I mean out of no where it went from being a sort of boohoo type clothing brand to being the brand of my Bohemian dreams.  I want everything they sell. Such beautiful styles and I really rate the quality too. These shorts are so beyond comfy, they have an elasticated waist and I love them!

3.  Life tip number one - Don't put fake tan on when its so damn hot and humid outside or your tan will slide off your skin and pool around your wrists see photo 5 for proof...ahhh....


laura said...

I've been putting serious thought in to a denim jacket lately, this one looks perfect! x

GlassesShop said...

What a wonderful look