Summer Dress


Denim Jacket - New Look
Dress - Monki at ASOS (They have it in Grey now too)
Belt - ASOS

1. I am so in love with this dress.  It's from the brand Monki and I got it on ASOS.  I've had a few pieces from Monki and I've always loved their clothing and the styles they do too.  If you click the link above to view the dress you will be able to see what it looks like without the belt, it sort of just hangs, loose and more of a wide voluminous shape. I don't think it suits me terribly well when it's just hanging because of my shape and I sort of felt like I was from Radley (Pretty Little Liar reference, it really looks like the outfit they put on them in Radley haha!) but when I tried it with my belt I loved it.  It's so light and comfy to just throw on and chill out in, I really love the length too as I don't have any dresses that are just that little bit longer like this.  What I would say though is don't size up, get your true size or even one smaller if you want it less loose as its big.

2.  Ahh my new belt, I know I have totally jumped on the bandwagon with this but I couldn't help it, its so pretty.  I have been wearing it with everything, dresses, jeans, shorts.  It's such a good buy!

3.  Again with the denim jacket. I know, I know but I love it and it works with like every outfit...I promise I will try and wear something different on here soon...maybe haha!

I hope you are all having a beautiful day