Matcha Tea Energy Drink


We have been having the most beautiful, warm, sunny weather here the past few weeks.  Because it's a pretty rare occurrence for it to be hot here for long periods of time (two weeks of full sunshine is classed as an eternity here haha) I always feel myself getting exhausted so easily when its this humid outside and inside. 
So I started drinking my own natural version of an energy drink that has been keeping me going and giving me that little burst of energy that I've been needing half way through the day.

I wanted to share with you the ridiculously easy recipe to make it and hopefully you might like it as much as I do!

The main reason this works as an energy-type drink is because it has Matcha Tea Powder in it.  If you haven't heard of or used Matcha Powder before then here is the 411 on what its all about....

What is it - Matcha means powdered tea.  When you have Green Tea, the leaves infuse into hot water and you throw away the tea leaves well matcha is the whole thing, leaves included so you are actually drinking ground up leaves that have been made into a fine, thin powder.  Because of the way Matcha leaves are harvested they are much more pure and stronger than traditional green tea leaves.

Why is it good for you- A little list....Provides vitamins and minerals, is very high in antioxidants which help fight against diseases and illnesses, helps regulate blood sugar, helps reduce blood pressure and boosts your metabolism, your concentration, your memory and your energy...phew and that's just a few of the benefits!

Why does it work in an energy drink - Matcha contains caffeine, around the equivalent of half a cup of black coffee.  So the caffeine gives your body a boost but Matcha has high levels of the amino acid L-Theanine in its leaves.  This is what helps your mood, concentration and memory but it also gives your brain signals to relax you.  So get the caffeine kick but without any side effects that you would get with normal stimulants like coffee. You get the up from the caffeine but its a slower boost and because of the L-Theanine you don't get any the crashes that you can get with other forms of caffeine like nervousness and hypertension.  Because of the way the Matcha releases the caffeine into your bloodstream you get a steady flow of energy, alertness but also a calmness for around 6-8 hours which makes it perfect to be the main ingredient in your energy drink, just don't drink it before bed haha!

So on to the drink itsself, here is what you will need...
-A large glass or bottle to hold your drink in for the day, its meant to be sipped throughout the day not downed in one - My mason jars are from Amazon
-Water, any kind you like.
-A spoon for stirring the Matcha and a teaspoon for measuring
-A straw
-A lemon or any other fruit that that you like the taste of better
-Matcha tea* - Mine is from EatClean Tea
-Ice cubes

-Fill up your mason jar or bottle all the way up to the top with water. 
-Take a teaspoon of Matcha and add it to the water.
-Stir quickly and don't stop until all the little lumps and clumps have dissolved.  Matcha naturally is quite lumpy so you really need to stir it well to dissolve it.  If you have a lid for your mason jar or are using a bottle you can shake it up for a while and it will dissolve it for you.
-Squeeze in half a lemon or your preferred fruit. Stir again
-I added a handful of ice cubes as I like it really cold.
-Finish off with a straw and your good to go.

You can store this in the fridge and just keep sipping it throughout the day, just remember to keep stirring it or shaking it before you drink it.

And there is your natural energy drink to keep you cool, hydrated and energised on hot days.  I love this so much, to me it tastes just like lemon juice, I don't get any taste from the Matcha at all as when its cold and not heated it takes away a lot of the natural bitter taste that you can get from Matcha, its so refreshing!
I hope you enjoy, let me know what your favourite way to drink Matcha is?